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baby safe rug and carpet cleaning?

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twocultures Thu 14-Apr-16 13:59:01

What do you use to clean your rugs and carpets? My baby plays on a big rug in the living room and we also have a small dog in the house.
I've heard of Ecover and Natural & Clean products which are supposed to be baby safe and leave no chemical residue behind.
Have any of you used their products? What are your opinions?
Or do you use something else?
I'm scared of using Vanish powder I've been using up to now as he will pic toys up off the rug and put them in his mouth and I'm worried about the chemicals on the

specialsubject Fri 15-Apr-16 17:45:45

please read up on the facts about natural and chemicals on the 'sense about science' website.

your baby isn't that fragile and ingests lots of chemicals daily, including the most dangerous one, dihydrogen monoxide. Look up the chemical formula for your breast milk too.

remove baby from rug before cleaning it, or send it to be dry cleaned and then air it properly.

do keep the baby away from the dog shit which IS dangerous.

storybrooke Tue 19-Apr-16 07:44:53

I used to lightly steam our rug when mine were babies, no shoes rule & no food around it too. They need a certain amount of germs to build their system up so I wouldn't be too worried.

twocultures Wed 20-Apr-16 08:56:36

Thanks for the replies.
I don't clean the rug whilst my baby is on it but thanks for the tip ...

I've heard of steamers before and even looked into one but I was never sure how effective they are in terms of the actual clean and getting rid of any smells. Do you know anything more about it storybrooke ? It'd be really helpful. Our dog is still only a pup and as great as she is with potty training we did have one instance where she went on the rug as we were away for 4hours or so at a family gathering and couldn't take her with us. I used trouble shooter from lidl on that area and kept my baby away until everything dried.
But for the future if anything like that was to happen again I would like to use something a bit more natural...

storybrooke Wed 20-Apr-16 10:33:31

I try to stay natural with cleaning products too ignore my infinite bottles of dettol and found its always handy to have bicarb of soda for cleaning and removing smells, dettol is my absolute go to though blush

I have a floor steamer (and handheld with so many useful attachments!) but the floor steamer has an attachment to allow it to glide over carpets and rugs. I do our upstairs carpets about once a week and freshens them up really well and the rug downstairs a little more. As long as you don't get it wet (just glide it over each section and go back and do it again for luck at the end also ignore my strange ocd that's all you need to do. I got one when my eldest was born after being brainwashed by the 5am X5 mop adverts on teleshopping and haven't looked back. I steam windows, shower, cooker, coving, bathroom, entire kitchen... I don't sell steamers haha I'm just an addict. Obviously I don't use them around the kids at all though!

twocultures Wed 20-Apr-16 10:53:47

I recently borrowed my mums handheld steamer to tackle the bathroom and OMG did I love it . I also used it on uneven slate tiles (with a hard wire brush attachment) and I was so shocked to see how much dirt I managed to get out from the little nooks and cracks. I was never too worried about dirt I'm not a slob but never been OCD but since the LO came along I have been dettoling my way through the house too! grin
I used to use microfibre cloths on my worktops but now I'm just like "I NEED TO KILL THE BACTERIA" blush Dettol is my weapon of choice for most things.
I'm getting pretty convinced about this steamer business... Might just need to convince the fiancée that it's a good investment... And will save on chemical cleaning products too! Thanks!

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