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how much is your child's mattress

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sammyjayneex Wed 13-Apr-16 13:40:36

So I need to replace my 4 girls mattresses and I'm on a budget. I've seen some cheap ones on Amazon but I'm worried they are too cheap! If I get the cheap ones I can replace all 4 at once but if I go for a more expensive one like ikea ones or something I will have to replace one every month until all 4 are replaced so not sure what to do? What's your children's mattress like, just need an idea on what type would be suitable
My kids are 9,8,5,4

UmbongoUnchained Wed 13-Apr-16 13:47:07

I got mine off Amazon for 35 quid. It's the pink one with the hearts on. It's sprung and you can slightly feel it but with a decent topper it's actually quite comfy and quite enjoy getting into my daughters bed for a snuggle!

mamapants Wed 13-Apr-16 13:51:00

I bought some online at beds4u and would not recommend them. They took ages to deliver even though website says next day delivery, which is why I went with them in the first place. Paid £75, were meant to be £150 apparently.
You can feel all the springs, they are awful.
I would never buy mattress online again and will go in store somewhere to test them out.

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