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Red wine stain on sink in rental, argh

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CaptainWarbeck Sun 10-Apr-16 03:22:02

We have one of those white plasticky bathroom sinks in our rental house. DH is doing the washing up, has the kitchen sink full of dishes so sloshes the end of a glass of red wine down the bathroom sink.

Wine dregs sit in sink, staining away, all evening til I go to wash my face in there at night. Right, so they won't come off with any amount of scrubbing or cleaner and now it looks like we are stuck with purple winey marks all round the plughole. Help!

GruffaloMoggy Sun 10-Apr-16 03:30:29

Dissolve-it spray got an old Ribena stain off a white double glazing door frame.

GruffaloMoggy Sun 10-Apr-16 03:31:40

GruffaloMoggy Sun 10-Apr-16 03:33:03

Arghhh sorry link didnt work.

MyFriendsCallMeOh Sun 10-Apr-16 03:41:18

Bleach will work, used it to get red wine stains out of white corian type work surfaces in a rental.

CaptainWarbeck Sun 10-Apr-16 04:22:27

You are both brilliant, thank you. I will send DH out for bleach and look up this ribena-removing miracle spray thanks

wowfudge Sun 10-Apr-16 06:51:38

You can also fill the sink with warm water and dissolve some bio washing powder in it. Leave for a while - overnight is perfect - then rinse. Bleach on some plastics can cause yellow marks, but I would think bathroom sink would be designed to not react to bleach in this way.

CaptainWarbeck Sun 10-Apr-16 10:44:14

That's a great idea fudge, we'll give that a go tonight before the bleach - knew you could do it to clean a horrible bath but hadn't thought of a sink!

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