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Cleaning walking boots

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greathat Sat 09-Apr-16 21:14:52

I have a nice pair of Merrell walking boots. Love em, but my son threw up on them. I have scrubbed them twice but they still smell. Can anyone recommend a way to get them clean of the smell please?

hugoagogo Sat 09-Apr-16 21:18:09

Not sure about walking boots, but zoflora is brilliant for getting sicky smells out of carpets.

MrsPigling Sat 09-Apr-16 21:18:58

have you tried sprinkling them with bicarb and leaving for a bit (days rather than minutes...)

lavendersun Sat 09-Apr-16 21:23:36

Not sure it is recommended but I have washed mine with nix wax in the washing machine before, more than once too, goretex not leather, no ill effects.

greathat Sat 09-Apr-16 21:26:54

have bicarb, will try that first. Have never heard of zoflora, will look it up. Wanted to put them in washing machine but am too scared they will die! Mind you its better than having vomit scented feet. Will try that one later. Thanks all!

MrsPigling Sat 09-Apr-16 21:56:22

are they fabric or leather? wondering if fabreeze might help?

if they were mine I'd probably leave them on the back door step for a few days and see if the fresh air helped!

greathat Sun 10-Apr-16 21:55:28

fabric. I have rescrubbed and soasked them again. Seems to be a bit better. Just waiting for them to dry

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