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Kitchen drain keeps getting blocked/ water backing up

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LondonChillaxer Fri 08-Apr-16 22:03:46

We have been struggling with the drain that runs through our kitchen for over 2 years now. We have been living in our property for almost 10 years with no real drain issues until the first time the kitchen drain blocked up two years ago. The drain unblockers have been useless and we have had drainage engineers come in at least 5 times. They have snaked the drain as well as water-jetted it. Each time, the drain seems to clear up only for it to get blocked again after a couple of months. We are very careful about what goes through the sink. The dishwater and washing machine run through this drain so there is significant volumes of water passing through this drain but then we never had an issue over the first 8 years. In desperation engineers now blame a bad plumbing work done when the kitchen was first done up (before we moved in). But it seems incredible to us that different engineers who have come in, have not managed to clear whatever is blocking the drain.
We are tired and exasperated with this seemingly permanent problem.
Any suggestions/ ideas would be most welcomed!
Many thanks

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