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to ask what household crap brings you joy?

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ButterfliesinSpring Sat 02-Apr-16 09:24:04

In the vein of KonMari and inspired by the £200 bin. I feel the need to know what else I'm missing out finding joy from otherwise boring yet necessary household crap

I don't have the iron station yet but think it would make my heart sing compared to tripping over how my ironing board iron and laundry is currently stored

Please share yours

londonrach Sat 02-Apr-16 09:29:47

Was given vouchers to spend in john lewis and although it was in the sale it was expensive but i love it! It makes washing up a pleasure. I look at it every day and appreciate how easy it is to use. I also have the sink tidy!

Spartak Sat 02-Apr-16 09:30:19

I've got a cordless Dyson thingy.

One of the things I hated about hoovering is the faff of plugging the old vacuum cleaner in, I've got an old house without any sockets in the hallways.

Now I can just pick it up and do it. I now clean the stairs more often than the twice a year my parents come to visit.

ButterfliesinSpring Sat 02-Apr-16 09:37:43

I don't use any washing up bowl at all due to dishwasher - but it looks lovely

I could so go for a cordless dyson wish I had will have to wait 100 years for my dyson to clunk out to justify it

SweepTheHalls Sat 02-Apr-16 09:38:58

I am about to make be house and will be having a laundry room. It makes me all smiley grin

CaptainWarbeck Sat 02-Apr-16 09:40:12

OMG that ironing station thingy 😍

topcat2014 Sat 02-Apr-16 09:40:30

We bought a new Hoover brand upright. Only cheap (about £50) but has a clear cylinder to watch the dust. We use it more often, and it is so easy to empty, than our old heavy panasonic.

ButterfliesinSpring Sat 02-Apr-16 09:43:48

Yes captain and being an ikea hack has all sorts of potential for customising it to look pretty and not breaking the bank

That's one thing I love about my dyson Topcat watching the dust suck round and round is super satisfying. I could easily become one of those people who hoovers air if it wasn't so heavy

MidniteScribbler Sat 02-Apr-16 09:45:45

I have a grooming room for my dogs. A whole room dedicated just to them. It's my happy place.

TheCricketWidow Sat 02-Apr-16 09:47:53

I second the cordless dyson, im a little bit in love with mine.

NarcyCow Sat 02-Apr-16 09:49:50

I love the ironing station - I'd nearly be tempted to take up ironing if I had one of those. Mind you, it will have to wait till we move into a house with a utility room, and a big one at that.

<Adds 'space for ironing station' to requirements list for house hunting>

bananafish81 Sat 02-Apr-16 09:50:15

Dymo letraset label printer

I label the shit out of everything

Plugs so you don't accidentally unplug the wrong thing? Sorted

Fuse box? Bosh

The different coloured tape pleases me immensely since as a freelancer I have to label my computer stuff lest anyone 'borrow' it when I'm in-house somewhere. That means the silver tape to label my metallic Macbook matches. Whilst the white tape on the keyboard and mouse also matches. Obsessive? Me? wink

Oh and half the Lakeland catalogue. Obviously.

AugustaFinkNottle Sat 02-Apr-16 09:50:38

We had a cordless Dyson, but never again. It had a twisty bit of plastic where any bit of fluff inevitably got stuck and it lost all suction every time. I used to throw things at the TV when the adverts came on claiming that it would never never lose suction.

Firecarrier Sat 02-Apr-16 09:51:32

I've Just had a new vacuum cleaner it's called a shark rotator it's an upright. Bought on the spur of the moment last week and I can't stop hoovering it's amazing, so user friendly, all the bits 'click' together really satisfyingly and the cylinder bit can be lifted off to make the stairs easier and also I lift it off when doing under the beds... Oh and it's got headlights which show up every little bit and a very long lead so hardly have to move sockets.
I'm doing Konmari and this definitely sparks joy!

cosytoaster Sat 02-Apr-16 09:56:38

After years of my kitchen 'bin' being a carrier bag hanging on the back door handle and recycling being left on the end of the worktop whilst waiting to be taken out, I have finally got round to reorganising my under sink cupboard so that it contains a bin and box for the recycling. Not only that but I leave the bin liner on it's roll so that when I pull it out the new one follows ready to be used. It's made me feel v happy and quite grown up (I'm 50!)

bananafish81 Sat 02-Apr-16 09:57:04

Oh and my vax air revolve

Trundles around like a little segway that automatically rights itself, and slim enough to stand on its side to do the stairs

JessieMcJessie Sat 02-Apr-16 10:00:01

We just bought a cordless Dyson and our cleaner left a note to say "please change this, the charge is not long enough". We are changing our cleaner instead.

bananafish81 Sat 02-Apr-16 10:05:16

Also Lakeland caddy stack boxes and shelves for my kitchen and bathroom are rocking my world right now

NameChanger22 Sat 02-Apr-16 10:11:06

This makes me far more happy than it should. It's so useful. I might buy another one.

SweepTheHalls Sat 02-Apr-16 10:12:20

I have a deep Drawer in my kitchen with recycling boxes in. It pleases me. And a cordless Dyson that I love.

notagiraffe Sat 02-Apr-16 10:15:15

I love having a utility room. Sports bags, muddy boots, cat's dishes, washing baskets all go in there, along with bulky kitchen equipment like the slow cooker and the bread maker.

I can't justify the cordless Dyson having just bought a new Henry Xtra power which I hate

coffeeisnectar Sat 02-Apr-16 10:18:27

firecarrier I've got one too, it's amazing! It's so light compared to my old dyson and it's got the little wheelie thing so DP can hoover out the cars and wheel it along the path. I love the headlight grin We've had ours just over a year, it's made my life a LOT easier.

I think I want a label printer now. We have just bought an Epsom printer which has the ink tank rather than cartridges so it's really cheap to refill. Labels sound fun.

HarlettOScara Sat 02-Apr-16 10:18:29

Another cordless Dyson fan here. I have a pathological aversion to conventional hovers but I love my cordless Dyson.

I'm now coveting that trolley that namechanger linked to. It's exactly what I need for my utility room.

bananafish81 Sat 02-Apr-16 10:22:07

coffee it's this bad boy

I knew my husband was the man I wanted to marry when he came home with this saying he saw it and thought it was exactly the sort of thing I'd like. I jest, but it's sort of true!

We got a bit over excited and went around the house finding stuff we could label.

5BlueHydrangea Sat 02-Apr-16 10:22:29

I have a cordless handheld Dyson which I love! Who knew it would bring such joy?! My dh has a very old chunky Dyson that just won't die so I can't get a big one yet but to be honest I use the little one daily so don't really miss it. (And I make home use the big one for bigger areas! )

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