Veet wax on carpet

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Ediemccreedy Fri 01-Apr-16 22:56:20

My son knocked over a tub of veet wax onto my cream wool carpet! Has anyone out there dealt with this before, or have any tips on how I can remove it? Or do I just have to accept that the carpet is ruined?

Catastrophica Sat 02-Apr-16 02:50:11

I have removed candle wax from a carpet - it can't be too different.

You need a hot iron and a lot of brown paper - basically you iron the brown paper over the wax and it melts and sticks to the paper, so you will need fresh pieces as it comes up.

I completely removed a red candle which had melted all over a cream carpet. My landlord was impressed (melted by previous tenant).

wowfudge Sat 02-Apr-16 06:55:58

Scrape up as much of the wax as you can before doing anything to remove the last bits. Use a plastic spatula of something that won't damage the carpet - so not a knife.

If the colour of the wax has left a mark after you've used the iron and paper trick (kitchen roll will work too), use a bit of meths on a clean cloth.

legotits Sat 02-Apr-16 07:05:42

Teatowel on top of paper so you don't shag the iron plate.

If you have a posh steam generator type pop to Asda/tesco buy the £6 iron and use lowest setting.

Repeated slow passes are better than letting the hot plate sit on stain.
Because it's hair wax I would use greaseproof paper instead.

I can confirm this method also astonishingly works on tarmac too.

Ediemccreedy Sat 02-Apr-16 11:42:11

Thanks everyone. It's the sticky orange wax but it is water soluble so hopefully I will get it out.

wowfudge Sat 02-Apr-16 17:51:44

In that case, scrape up as much as possible then clean off with original Stardrops in cold or slightly warm water using a white lint free cloth (hot water may fix any stain from the colour and/or cause some shrinkage in the carpet). Don't get the carpet very wet - slightly damp and work from the outside of the stain in to prevent it from spreading.

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