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Is my dishwasher destined for the great scrap heap in the sky?

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LokisLover Tue 29-Mar-16 18:58:52

Get poor thing has been a bit temperamental recently. Sometimes it gets half way, drains then gives up.

But now it's getting to a certain point and then nothing really happens. It sounds like it's doing its job but no water comes out. I've cleaned it all, filter, spinny things etc, turned it off & on again, tried to reset it but it's now stuck.

It just makes a pumping noise like it's going to start and does nothing. I turned it on for at least half an hr and it just kept doing this.

It's a Bosch about 8 yrs old. Repair or replace??

Timeforacatnap Tue 29-Mar-16 21:41:40

Mine did something similar a while back (about a year ago?) and was about same age as yours (bought 2007) Decided it was worth a call to Bosch service, who came out for a fixed fee and diagnosed (can't remember exactly) a condenser thingy, but fixed fee and part was much less than replacing as I took the view it would give me time to save for a new one, but saying that it's still going ok (fingers crossed!)

WellTidy Wed 30-Mar-16 00:27:52

Our Bosch did this, the week before Christmas. It stopped draining, and made a grinding noise. I was able to manually drain it for a while, by tipping it backwards a bit, but that stopped draining it after about a fortnight. Then it tripped the electrics.

The Bosch man came. Apparently, the seals around the bit where you put salt in had eaten away. This was due to me not running a rinse wash after filling up with salt, to wash away any salt that had spilled. I never knew to do this, but it is in every Bosch manual apparently. It couldn't be fixed and I bought another one. I now run a rinse wash after filling up with salt, and I use a funnel to pour the salt into the hole.

starving Fri 01-Apr-16 23:33:00

We have a Siemens (same as Bosch I think), and at the same age as yours did exactly the same thing, we got a repair man out (think large well known local repair firm) who repaired it (or so he said), charged a fortune (to me!) and left. 2 weeks later it did the same. He came back tried again and 10 days later it did it again. We complained and got a refund. My brother recommended someone else who could fix anything and we thought we would give it one last go. He came and dismantled the machine and it was clogged up with c***. He cleared it out and charged half of what the original repair man did. Eight years later it is still going. But I don't know for how long.

cookiefiend Sat 02-Apr-16 00:02:05

Ours broke last week and we were able to fix it by typing the make and fault description into you tube.

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