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Whats it like in High Legh, Grappenhall, Stockton Heath? especially for teenagers?

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KatieChooChoo Mon 28-Mar-16 18:36:04

We're looking for some advice please.
We are looking at moving to either High Legh, Grappenhall, Stockton Heath, Appleton Thorn and Higher Walton.
We've done a bit of research and found that Grappenhall has a thriving community center and the old village is as idyllic as it comes.
Stockton Heath appears to be a booming village and not short of a coffee house.
Higher Walton is only a stones throw from Stockton Heath and so too is Appleton Thorn. Both have good schools.
High Legh looks beautiful and has a community feel to the area but doesnt appear to be much in terms of entertainment for young people (12 +).

We have 2 young boys so in terms of keeping them occupied doesn't appear an issue in any of the areas for the next 10 years, but what is there for teenagers in them areas?
What are the transport links like for schools and nights out? Particularly High Legh?
What are childminding costs like?
Taxis to neighbouring towns for nights out?

Thank you in advance.

Foulst Wed 30-Mar-16 02:05:58

I lived in High Legh from the age of 8 till 23. I loved it. My
Friends and I used to spend summers off on our bikes exploring all the country lanes. Also soon as we got home from school would all get to the football field by the Belfry as soon as possible and play until it got dark.
Unfortunately things change and kids don't get out as much as they used too
Once I was a teenager I realised that it was quite isolated as my parents had to give me lifts to my friends houses in Lymm or Grapenhall. No viable bus service at all. Would have to head up to Broomedge just to get into Warrington or Altrincham
I have now lived in Stockton Heath and immediate area from 23 to 35 and I wouldn't want to move away. I love the convenience of everything. The ability to get taxis easily and food delivered
My parents now retired still live in High Legh and it suits their needs. Nice and quite. Also the Internet is now fibre. But the place is crying out for a co op local or something similar
For me, all the areas listed are great. They are all I have known since I was 8. I hope this helps

KatieChooChoo Wed 30-Mar-16 18:51:44

Thanks so much for getting back to me.
I think if there was a local shop a bit nearer than the costcutter in Lymm it would help in us deciding.

When we first started looking i was only prepared to consider Grappenhall old village (Glebe, Bellhouse lane, Shadewood) but considering nothing hardly comes on the market there we have now broadened our search and we really like Stockton Heath and High Walton. Houses in our price range sell very fast tho so we need to be on the ball even tho we're in a good position with a mortgage in principle. It what you would expect in sought after areas.

Do you have children? If so what schools do they go? Would they still be in the catchment for Lymm High in Stockport Heath? We're aware that Bridgwater is outstanding and its in the catchment area.


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