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Washing machine advice

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Ain626 Sun 27-Mar-16 15:44:20

We are in the market for a new washing machine, anyone have any recommendations?

Key things we want:
- Larger drum - our current one is 6kg - preferably one large enough to wash our king size duvet in, but I'm happy to continue to use the laundrette for that if need be.
- Option for a quick cycle
- Several washing machines that I've looked at automatically detect weight and adjust amount of water accordingly - that would be good as economical.
- A display that says how much time is left on the wash

Our dishwasher is a silver Bosch, would like to match in terms of colour, but not essential.

Thanks everyone!

rabbit123 Tue 29-Mar-16 08:39:24

Have a look at Beko. We had one before our current washer, it was great. They're the only brand that has a quick wash capable of washing a full load at any temperature with a full spin, all other quick washes are only for half loads with a short spin.

This one is 9kg

FastForward2 Wed 30-Mar-16 08:54:12

If you get one with a larger drum dont assume you can stuff it. The bearings are not strong enough for the extra weight.
My bosch has 9kg drum and the bearings broke in a few months because I think I put too many towels in. They replaced the whole machine under guarantee as cheaper than repair. Now it has gone again about a year later, although I have avoided overloading it. e.g. It will only take about 3 or 4 towels.
I googled this and appparently it is also a problem with hotpoint not just bosch.
I am thinking of going back to one with smaller drum!

theelephantknownasnell Fri 01-Apr-16 19:59:14

I've recently got a Samsung ecobubble, mines a 7kg but they do a 9kg drum to. It comes in a graphite chrome colour, weighs your washing and adjusts the water and wash time accordingly, the timer which displays time till end of wash is also accurate.

MyLlamasGoneBananas Fri 01-Apr-16 20:05:23

I have a 9kg Indesit. Which I'm very happy with. But I do miss my old Beko. Best washer I've ever had and cheap.

dementedpixie Fri 01-Apr-16 20:06:19

I have just had to get my Samsung ecobubble fixed at just under 2 years old as the bearings went. It is the 9kg drum one. It was still under guarantee plus I have extended it to 5 years as that was the offer when I bought it.

theelephantknownasnell Fri 01-Apr-16 20:09:20

Can only find the model number for the 7kg WF70F5E2W4X

dementedpixie Fri 01-Apr-16 20:14:22

Depends on your budget too

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