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Stains on a white tabletop

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sycamore54321 Sun 27-Mar-16 15:33:01

Please help! We recently got a white IKEA dining table - it is wood with a slightly shiny white paint finish, very smooth to the touch, no wood grain visible. It is a nightmare for stains. Anything spilled on it in the smallest amount seems to mark it right away, particularly tea, coffee or curry-type sauces. The stain somehow appears to be under the top layer of the finish, scrubbing will only diminish it slightly. It is driving me crazy (not everyone is as fastidious at using their placemats as I am, and we can't really have tablecloths with a very active toddler whose current goal in life is to pull everything down upon his head).

Does anyone know the type of table I am talking about and please please does anyone have any solutions to get rid of these horrid marks? Thank you!

wowfudge Sun 27-Mar-16 20:42:29

Can you put it where it gets direct sunlight? That might bleach the stains out (sunlight has got lily pollen stains out of carpets, tomato stains out of clothing, etc in our house). I suggest you use a cloth to protect it when in use. You could also try contacting IKEA customer services for advice.

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