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How to get school polo shirts white again

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SquirrelFruitandNutkin Wed 23-Mar-16 21:41:24

The dcs are very liberal with their application of paint, pen, ketchup, food etc on their school clothes.

Their plain white polos are not what they were. I don't want to buy new ones they're going to get sun cream on them no doubt so how do I whiten them?

Soaking in something?


Awholelottanosy Wed 23-Mar-16 21:44:23

Try soaking in Napisan in cold water for 2 hours before washing. It's the only thing that has worked for me in getting blood off white sheets and other stains so should work. Can get it in Wilkos ( learnt about it on here tho of course!)

BoboChic Thu 24-Mar-16 06:36:19

Wash them very hot with lots of Vanish and Ariel.

WhoKnowsWhereTheChocolateGoes Thu 24-Mar-16 06:37:51

As well as soaking them in stain remover, line dry them, the sun bleaches out tomato based stains.

ScoutsMam Thu 24-Mar-16 09:33:51

I used to use sterident tablets before a good wash and line dry.

teenytinyshells Thu 24-Mar-16 13:44:18

I read on another post that Lemon juice is supposedly good. I keep meaning to try it myself.

FellOutOfBedTwice Thu 24-Mar-16 13:46:22

If they're entirely white just soak them in a bucket with a liberal squirt of bleach overnight and then wash as normal.

SquirrelFruitandNutkin Thu 24-Mar-16 19:27:16

Brill loads to try! 😄

They're just plain white sainsburys polos - not £ to replace but feels very wasteful for the last 2 terms.

I'd relax and learn to love the stains. Trying to keep school shirts white? That way madness lies!

goingtotown Fri 25-Mar-16 01:17:42

brill Sainsbury's have got 25%off all their Clothing ends Monday.

ChishandFips33 Mon 28-Mar-16 01:34:04

I've just used soda crystals - soaked a load of polo shirts in near boiling water/crystals about an hour before washing. Much whiter than before

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