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Washing A North Face Arctic Parka

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RoastChickenDinner Wed 23-Mar-16 13:58:26

So I washed it and tumble dried it and it has puffed up OK, but it's a bit niffy!

I used normal washing powder (pink surf) but I have just read I shouldn't have. What will it have done to it and how can I fix?

BlackMarigold Wed 23-Mar-16 18:34:09

Where did you read that you shouldn't have washed with normal powder?
The parkas aren't made of the stuff that needs soap flakes or special reproofing liquid to stay waterproof.
I always wash mine in usual powder. Have a look at the washing instruction tag, bit fiddly to find the one written in english but it should be there, doesn't say anything about using special washing stuff.

LifeIsGoodish Wed 23-Mar-16 18:41:12

Sometimes tech clothing labels say specifically not to use detergent, but not always. TBH probably the only 'damage' you will have done is to the breathability. I would rewash it in Nikwax Tech Wash or DP Liquid Soap Flakes, without conditioner, then re-proof it with Nikwax TX Direct.

May09Bump Wed 23-Mar-16 19:16:17

Mine does this if it hasn't tumble-dried properly. You have to turn it inside out half way through and then when finished give some time to air.

RoastChickenDinner Thu 24-Mar-16 06:12:11

I just read it online Black. I looked at the label but it didn't say anything about it. Good tip re turning it inside out, I've been putting it back in the dryer at every opportunity and it does seem to be getting better!

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