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How do I clean mould safely off the ceiling?

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kissmelittleass Wed 23-Mar-16 06:05:33

Have some areas spots mainly in 2 bedrooms of mould. I cleaned it with a spray of bleach and water I made up in January but I see it's appearing g again now. Another question is do I need to cover mouth and nose when cleaning it? Any tips very welcome smile

Pinter Wed 23-Mar-16 06:18:26

HG mould spray. £5 from B&Q. Get as high up as you can so you aren't spraying it over your head.
Open all the windows & yes, cover eyes & mouth.

Good luck!

lavendersun Wed 23-Mar-16 06:29:45

You need to identify whether there is a source of water anywhere or whether it is just poor ventilation.

I was surprised to find mould behind my massive wardrobe last year, turned out that a couple of pantiles on the roof had slipped allowing the pointing to deteriorate. It was on the north wall of the house shadowed by trees.

So, I had the roof repaired, cleaned the mould off repeatedly, I just used bleach and/or milton. Ventilated the room by leaving the windows cracked open as often as I could. I had an oil filled radiator that I put on at that end of the room as it was the other end to the radiator and bought one of these

gastropod Wed 23-Mar-16 06:56:50

I just read somewhere (sorry, can't remember where!) that you shouldn't use bleach to clean mould as it causes the spores to dissipate rather than killing them. Specialist mould cleaner is best, supposedly. (We have a bad patch on our bathroom wall so I've been researching how to get rid of it.)

MargotLovedTom Wed 23-Mar-16 07:15:14

I second the HG Mould Spray. I have just used it on our bathroom ceiling. I sprayed it on kitchen roll and dabbed it on. Amazing stuff!

storybrooke Wed 23-Mar-16 18:31:42

The best thing is to spray mould spray on a bit of loo roll so it's wet and hold it on the mould until it sticks and leave on for a few hours. Take off, give a wipe and done safely smile

storybrooke Wed 23-Mar-16 18:32:08

^^ although I used bleach blush

JonathanSmith78 Tue 05-Apr-16 10:01:14

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gingerbreadmanm Tue 05-Apr-16 10:19:18

another one voting HG mould spray. Works wonders. Also a dehumidifier if you can stretch to one. We got a mini one off amazon for about £30 that helped but depends how big the room is.

Opening the windows on the latch daily will help if it is a ventilation problem.

We have recently got some on our landing ceiling thaticannotreach!!! which i think is due to the extractor fan in the bathroom now working andthefactweshowerwiththedooropenasthebathroomisblackfloortoceiling

HeyMacWey Tue 05-Apr-16 10:22:58

I recommend kilrock mould cleaner - I found it in home bargains - it works a treat - before I sprayed it on directly and it dripped down the wall so if I used it again I'd use the technique above for sticking it to the ceiling.

specialsubject Tue 05-Apr-16 11:00:48

put some on a cheap sponge thing and dab it on - this avoids the spray dripping down in your eyes or face.

no need to mask up if you are using normal amounts, just open a window.

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