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Brabantia bins

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3catsandcounting Tue 22-Mar-16 20:10:41

I've always been very impressed with Brabantia Customer Service. Last week the 'prong' on the lid unit of my Touch bin (that the catch clicks into), snapped off.
I called them, hoping they might send me a new lid, as I'd read how good they are at replacing.

I told them the bin was 5 or 6 years old and asked what they could advise.
They sent me a link to their online spares page, and said they could replace for free, but only if I had proof of purchase. I replied saying I had no receipt after 6 years, and I couldn't justify paying £34 for a new lid.

They replied with, "sorry about that, thanks for letting us know!!"
Seems they'd been too generous in the past and have changed their policy.

Anyone had similar dealings with them recently? Should I give up or persue it?
Love my binsad

didireallysaythat Tue 22-Mar-16 21:30:01

I think we replaced the prong with a part from eBay...

NameAgeLocation Tue 22-Mar-16 21:32:39

Surely you can still buy the prong though?

I read this with interest as our bin is only a year old and we got a new prong sent out free of charge. Do they really not just sell them? Shockingly wasteful to be required to buy a new lid!

NameAgeLocation Tue 22-Mar-16 21:33:48

Oh actually it was the catch that broke on ours. But same difference really. Replaceable part.

SuckingEggs Tue 22-Mar-16 21:34:54

Their guarantee is for 10 years. They need to check.

NameAgeLocation Tue 22-Mar-16 21:35:47

You would need to find the UK site, but I don't think you'll need to buy a whole new lid.

StillRunningWithScissors Tue 22-Mar-16 21:36:01

Amazon sells the prongs. Less than £2 if I recall correctly. Very easy to replace them.

StillRunningWithScissors Tue 22-Mar-16 21:39:17

Oh, just reread your op. Is it the bit that the catch grabs into. So not on the lid bit that actually moves, but the stationary part?

If so, not sure how you'd repair that. If you bought yours through Amazon, it will still have your receipt in your account. Did you perhaps buy through them/online and still have an old email?

3catsandcounting Tue 22-Mar-16 21:54:44

Thanks for the replies. No, it's not the catch (I've replaced that previously). It's the prong that sticks up and the catch clicks into it. It's actually moulded into the lid, so not a replaceable part.
I bought the bin from Dunelm, no proof of purchase, will have paid for it on debit card, so no evidence as such.
DH looking for the superglue! confused

3catsandcounting Tue 22-Mar-16 21:56:07

Suckingeggs - how can they check the age of the bin - is there a serial number somewhere?

SuckingEggs Tue 22-Mar-16 22:55:31

They asked for our receipt I think (wedding gift list). I've had three new lids. Looking after the present one carefully now as it's been more than 10 years.

Footle Wed 23-Mar-16 18:45:59

I was very pleased to discover a massive saving by buying their bin liners online.

3catsandcounting Wed 23-Mar-16 21:53:54

I've just completed a Customer Service survey following my dealings with them. Probably haven't made any friends there then!!blush

Woodhill Wed 23-Mar-16 21:59:17

My catch broke after 9 years' with Brabantia but by some miracle I had kept receipt. Did you pay cash?.

Am pleased with new lid.

3catsandcounting Wed 23-Mar-16 22:16:28

Woodhill - I will have paid by cash or debit card. Definitely no receipt. I don't want to pay £34 for a bloody replacement bin lid! sad

ghostoftheMNchicken Thu 24-Mar-16 07:56:48

Bank statements can sometimes be used as proof of purchase, so perhaps that could be an option. Did you buy anything else at the same time?

BombadierFritz Thu 24-Mar-16 08:09:33

They must have changed the design as mine is removeable. Bet lots of them were breaking sad Have you checked your bank statements?

Woodhill Thu 24-Mar-16 09:30:36

no I don't blame you. I think on ours the catch broke so we needed a whole new lid as it wouldn't stay down. They may accept a bank statement. Are you sure you haven't got the receipt in a file somewhere.

WhatsUpTC Thu 24-Mar-16 09:40:51

Footle, thank you for the tip about buying the bin liners online.
Had never occurred to me before but it is a big saving

peggyundercrackers Thu 24-Mar-16 10:27:38

they aren't being unreasonable asking for a receipt

Bragadocia Thu 24-Mar-16 10:36:05

Receipts are necessary to prove an item came from a particular shop, when the same product is also sold from another shop (so if you needed to prove your bin came from John Lewis rather than Debenhams, for example).

I don't see why a manufacturer would insist upon a receipt to provide a replacement part. The bin exists - therefore it must have been purchased. Its very existence is proof of purchase! (unless you stole it…)

Footle Thu 24-Mar-16 12:35:48

Whatsup, thanks for the thanks. Sometimes I feel as if no one reads what I've written

Footle Thu 24-Mar-16 12:38:51

Oops, just made myself laugh - I don't really feel so needy, and particularly not on a thread about bin liners.

Floralnomad Thu 24-Mar-16 12:42:34

Ive had the same issue with Brabantia as my bin was a gift and the person who gave it to us had not kept the receipt and frankly I didn't ask for it at the time of being given the gift . We buy our liners from eBay and if this bin breaks I will just replace with a cheaper version as I don't see why they are so expensive in the first place .

BaronessBomburst Thu 24-Mar-16 12:43:49

My bin has got a lifetime guarantee. And I think I'm going to need it with DS.
And I certainly haven't still got my receipt after 8 years. confused

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