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Do you wash wired bras in the machine?

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AnthonyPandy Sat 19-Mar-16 17:15:05

I've seen these bags in ikea, what do you think?

DesertOrDessert Sat 19-Mar-16 17:21:28

Yes, I wash bras in the machine, and yes, I use something like that. Currently on Lakeland and some others Cal poundshop variants.

CorBlimeyTrousers Sat 19-Mar-16 17:21:34

Yes I do. Too lazy to handwash. I have a lingerie washing bag from Tiger that I use.

Flisspaps Sat 19-Mar-16 17:27:34

Yes, I do, but I don't stick them in a bag.

NoTractorsAtTheTable Sat 19-Mar-16 17:28:45

I just stick mine in a pillow case - two jobs in one!

bookbook Sat 19-Mar-16 17:32:07

I have been washing my bras loose in the washing machine for 40 years, no problem. Then this week, a wire broke out and ruined the rubber seal, so I think a bag may just be needed from now on

SueTrinder Sat 19-Mar-16 17:32:47

No, but that's because an expensive wired bra managed to destroy both itself and the washing machine. Handwashing takes a minute at the end of the day.

chipsandpeas Sat 19-Mar-16 17:38:56

yes but i use a bag like the ikea one, my mum gave it to me so not sure where it came from however next time in ikea im gonna get one of those

dingit Sat 19-Mar-16 17:41:52

Girl in bravissimo told me to rinse mine in the shower. When they are nice and new, this is what I do. When they are old and battered they go in the machine!

dementedpixie Sat 19-Mar-16 17:43:46

Yes I do and I use a mesh bag I bought in the supermarket

GrouchyKiwi Sat 19-Mar-16 17:50:56

Yes, I do. And I use mesh bags too. I find that the wires pop out much more easily if they're washed without a delicates bag.

AnthonyPandy Sat 19-Mar-16 18:52:40

an expensive wired bra managed to destroy both itself and the washing machine.

That is my main fear. I handwash at the moment but it's a pain, waiting for the bucket to be free, then wash, soak, forget to come back later, remember in 2 days time then you need to start again as the water has gone weird.

Pointlessfan Sat 19-Mar-16 18:55:38

Yes I'm far too lazy to hand wash anything!

MrsJacksonAvery Sat 19-Mar-16 18:58:11

Just do it in the shower - takes a couple of minutes.

Ludwsys Sat 19-Mar-16 19:00:20

Yes I do, fling then in loose with everything else. No plans to change.

SueTrinder Sat 19-Mar-16 23:17:51

I just handwash in the bathroom sink. Stick some handwash soap in a sinkful of water, give the bra a quick shwosh (technical term), then rinse in fresh water and leave to dry over the bath taps. It's dry the next morning. I don't soak it.

ExtraHotLatteToGo Sat 19-Mar-16 23:26:40

Washing machine, no bag. I live on the wild side 😁

bimbobaggins Mon 21-Mar-16 19:14:08

No i steep mine overnight in napisan then drip dry over the shower. Have done this since i used to buy very expensive bras but buy less expensive now and still do the same

MaybeDoctor Mon 21-Mar-16 19:20:13

I wash in the machine, but I do it on a delicate cycle and don't put them in with other, heavier items - every 10 days or so I just wash all my bras in one go.

stumblymonkey Mon 21-Mar-16 19:32:51

Yes...slung in with everything else. No bags. No pillowcases.

22 years so far and no problems. My DM has done this too for 35 years with no problems.

No plans to change.

eurochick Mon 21-Mar-16 20:16:49

Washing machine no bag here too.

LBOCS2 Mon 21-Mar-16 20:23:10

Washing machine, no bag. I have had a wire part company with the bra and work its way into the machine, but it didn't seem to do anything apart from the worrying rattling noise it occasionally makes on the spin cycle.

LMGTFY Mon 21-Mar-16 20:28:49

Yep, always have done and I have massive bras so plenty of room for an underwire assault on the machine.

RhinestoneCowgirl Mon 21-Mar-16 20:31:23

Yes, but in a net bag - since the time an under wire got loose and nearly did fir my mum's washing machine!

timelytess Mon 21-Mar-16 20:31:34

Do I wash wired bras in the machine?
No, I make them chill first.

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