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Cleaning steam cleaner pad. How?!

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teacups83 Fri 18-Mar-16 21:36:10

Do you washing machine it on its own or in your normal washing load with clothes etc? Is that gross? Ta!

Thethingswedoforlove Fri 18-Mar-16 21:36:34

Yes that is what I do!

Mrsw28 Fri 18-Mar-16 21:38:20

I wash mine in a wash with other grotty things like cleaning cloths. I generally let them dry and then keep them in a bag until I have a few and then wash them on a hot wash with some Dettol laundry cleanser. I don't mix them with my normal washing.

SellFridges Fri 18-Mar-16 21:39:39

I wash with tea towels and other cloths the day the cleaner has been and then pop them all back in "her" bag.

Horispondle Sun 20-Mar-16 22:26:40

In the normal load. I only have one so I want it washed ASAP.

ontherightpath Fri 25-Mar-16 17:25:34

I let them soak for an hour or two in hot water in the utility room sink, this removes a lot of the dirt. Then I put them in the washing machine with everything else in a hot wash.

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