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Bathroom cleaning...

(11 Posts)
movingonup2015 Fri 18-Mar-16 15:59:54

Very dull subject I know - apologies!

I clean my bathroom every single day because when I finish having a shower and the steam goes away it leaves horrible water marks all over the toilet, sink, shower screen, bath and taps and makes them look all dull.

My sister insists it's because I'm not cleaning them properly in the first place! Well I don't know how else to clean them because they are always sparkly by the time I've finished!

Anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it?? Do I need a better cleaning product?

I leave the bathroom window open whilst I'm showering and the extractor fan is also going at the same time and I leave the window open until all the condensation goes so I don't really know what else to do but I know I'm fed up of coming home to a dull water marked stained bathroom!

RudeElf Fri 18-Mar-16 16:01:35

I wondet if it your water that is the issue? My bathroom steams up and everything is covered in condensation but once its gone everything looks normal again.

VulcanWoman Fri 18-Mar-16 16:16:57

What cleaning product are you using? Are you rinsing with water afterwards?

ijustwannadance Fri 18-Mar-16 16:24:06

It's most likely the natural deposits in the water that stay behind once water has dried/evaporated so rinsing with water won't really help.
And the soaping agents in your shampoo etc.
Get some specific shower screen and tile spray and wipe off with a microfibre cloth rather than rinsing with water

VulcanWoman Fri 18-Mar-16 16:26:00

I live in a hard water area and don't get this.

ijustwannadance Fri 18-Mar-16 16:26:22

Windolene works a treat on screen, tiles and taps

ijustwannadance Fri 18-Mar-16 16:31:43

OP you can tell if tiles or screen are properly clean by the way water runs off them. If invisible soap scum is on them the water won't run off them easily and will find the path of least resistance or stick. If clean it will just glide off iyswim.

RudeElf Fri 18-Mar-16 16:48:45

Rain X is brilliant for bathroom surfaces. Its for cleaning car windscreens so the water just rolls off them. I use it on my bathroom.

movingonup2015 Fri 18-Mar-16 22:21:45

I'm using Stardrops I have also used Mr muscle with the same results and I live in a soft water area. I read somewhere else about rain x but wasn't convinced it would work so maybe I'll try that if all else fails...

zzzzz Fri 18-Mar-16 22:24:41

Must it with 50:50 waster a vinegar

zzzzz Fri 18-Mar-16 22:25:07

Mist (must is just yucky!)

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