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help - moths!

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MindfulBear Tue 15-Mar-16 01:32:06

Moths..... Agggggg.
Moved into a rented house a few months ago and noticed a couple of items (favourite cashmere jumper - typical!) developed holes but now the little blighters are out in force. Every cupboard & drawer has anti moth stuff in it but I can count 5 in the room I am in right now & saw another 5 as I walked upstairs.....
How do I get rid of them and how much of it is the landlord's responsibility?

Would a professional sort it? But at what price?

(House is unfurnished but has landlord's carpets & curtains/blinds.)

We are just back in the uk after a stint overseas, where we didn't have a moth problem. In fact I think I preferred the cockroaches we occasionally had to get rentokil out to sort!!

RonaldMcDonald Tue 15-Mar-16 01:44:07

They might be living in the carpets curtains etc so get on to the ll
Lakeland do an excellent spray but it is a pita once they are in.
If you freeze your cashmere you can kill the eggs they may have laid on there hth

fartlek Mon 21-Mar-16 13:02:54

I'm bumping this thread because I've just found the most horrendous carpet moth infestation behind my son's desk and am just about to go through the house pulling out all the furniture to see if the problem is all over.
OP, have you checked underneath and behind your furniture at the carpet?

I'm contemplating taking the carpets out altogether but does anyone have experience of eliminating the little f***ers successfully? I've read about a number of different methods, both natural and chemical but can't seem to find a consensus on what to use.

MindfulBear Wed 23-Mar-16 09:08:37

We are in rented and the agent is not interested in talking about it on the basis "this is SW London and everyone has them". Which I'm shocked by. When I lived overseas and had cockroaches the landlord sorted it out. Cockroaches are a common pest there but people don't put up with it - they wage war!!!

So as a result we have not pulled up every carpet to check what's there.... I'm nervous to do so!! We only just moved in so there are boxes everywhere too and stuff piled high. I really feel this is some thing the agent should have addressed before we moved in. Am pretty pissed about it tbh

I have friends that got a moth pest controller out. They did the bombs and fumigation. Threw stuff out as recommended. They haven't seen any more moths & that was 3 years ago. (They put their cats in the cattery for 24 hours. They don't have kids but I reckon if it is safe for cats to return it must be safe for kids too)

I think if it was my own home I would call the experts in and get the place done over by them. The chemicals they use are safe for kids and pets within a certain number of hours and it is the only way to get rid. You then need to be vigilant to ensure no more take residence.

Footle Wed 23-Mar-16 18:42:29

We got a man in, Enviroguard I think. He came three times, it cost quite a lot, and the first time was the worst. The other times were at monthly intervals. This was a year ago and so far it's been fine, just a few stragglers over the succeeding few weeks. We're coming up to the breeding season I think, so I'm in suspenders to see if they stay dead.

fartlek Sat 26-Mar-16 16:29:45

We're still avoiding a decision on what to do about ours. I've pulled every piece of furniture out and hoovered underneath and thankfully they are just in the one room.
I'm all for pulling up the carpet and going to floorboards but my husband just wants to ignore the whole thibg by sweeping it under the carpet (badom ching)
I don't feel comfortable with fumigation even if it says it's safe after a certain period of time. Has anyone used the pheromone strips successfully? My thought is to put these out and hoover regularly.

MindfulBear Sun 27-Mar-16 11:09:02

The pheromone strips only tell you how big the problem is. They don't kill the moths lavae or eggs. You can get a spray though - I got one from ocado but saw them on Amazon too. Use the pheromone strips for a week. Then spray carpets and upholstery - as well as hoovering like a mad thing. Replace the strips and see what the difference is.
We need to tidy up one particular room and then do this. I hope it works.
All my drawers and cupboards are full of anti moth things so I'm hopeful of protecting my clothes but protecting my rugs, books and furniture is also an issue!!!

Keep us posted on your results.

likeawestern Sun 27-Mar-16 11:16:47

My rented house had moths shortly after I moved in. The landlord said as there was no evidence of a pre-existing infestation it was up to me to sort it out. Our local council offers a service, came and sprayed my carpets and curtains for £25 a room. That was two years ago and I've not had any more problems.

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