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Does anyone fancy a spring cleaning thread?

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Quickchangeup Mon 14-Mar-16 12:01:29

Seeing as the sun is shining I decided to start my spring clean today! Aiming to do a deep clean of one room every couple of days to fit around work and family life. Anyone fancy joining me for encouragement and general chat about progress?! smile

Quickchangeup Mon 14-Mar-16 13:59:39


LondonCharlady Mon 14-Mar-16 14:16:29

I'll join you! My house could do with a Spring clean, and I think I'll get a lot more done if I have to report back!

palazzopantaloons Mon 14-Mar-16 14:23:16

I'll join in as well-- what a great idea :D

Quickchangeup Mon 14-Mar-16 14:32:03

Brilliant! So I've started today by blitzing my hallway dumping ground! I've washed down the walls and woodwork extending up the stairs cleaning the bannister and hand rail. Cleaned the front door internally. Wiped everything over, mirror, blind etc with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Washed the floor. Last thing to do is a quick check around architrave at the ceiling for any lingering cobwebs! Have filled a bag with all the junk that was laying about. Stuck a vase of flowers on the windowsill and now it's looking pretty good smile
What plans do you both have?

Grumpyoldblonde Mon 14-Mar-16 15:19:12

I would love to join in, but will have to wait a few days as I have managed to hurt my knee and can't walk properly, but when it is better I will be ready to give the house a really thorough clean as I have Kondo'ed my place as there is no junk or clutter, want to run all my displayed glass an china through the dishwasher, polish mirrors, and really 'get in the corners' .
Now the sun is shining, it really shows up the dust!

Quickchangeup Mon 14-Mar-16 15:32:29

Join us when you are ready grumpy. The sun streaming through the windows really does show the dust! Hope your knee heals soon.

Grumpyoldblonde Mon 14-Mar-16 15:36:04

I hope it is better soon too, really hurts and the strong pain pills have clearly affected my ability to type and spell! I have just managed to have a little tidy of the linen cupboard but that has taken it out of me, probably better to just rest before I get going. I will let you inspire me for when I am ready smile

LondonCharlady Tue 15-Mar-16 08:56:55

Right - I'm back! Apologies for not getting back to this thread sooner. My aim right now is to clean all of upstairs, so the toilet, the bathroom, two bedrooms and the little spare room, plus the landing and stairs. I'll post an update at around 12:00.....

GooodMythicalMorning Tue 15-Mar-16 08:59:29

Im starting today. day off so need to blitz the dining room as had builders in recently and its a complete tip.

Quickchangeup Tue 15-Mar-16 10:33:23

Hello. Had an unscheduled visit from a friend this morning, which was really lovely but means I've got a bit behind! Plan for today before I start work is a thorough deep clean of the downstairs loo. It's just off the hallway so seems like the logical next step. Need to give the kitchen a quick once over first. Will report back later! Good luck everyone!

Quickchangeup Tue 15-Mar-16 13:39:48

Loo sorted, not a surface was left untouched. New towel, loo roll stocked, basket added for storage. Looks like a totally different little room now! I do seem to be accumulating a little pile of stuff that's not rubbish but not got a place. Need to sort that this evening. How did it go london?

Grumpyoldblonde Tue 15-Mar-16 13:55:28

Managed to clean the kitchen and chick some Zoflora down the drains and loo, also, I managed to sweep up the dust bunnies that breed in the corners. I have just sprayed my shower door with white vinegar to get it really sparkly again and changed the beds. I have also worked. My knee has decided I have overdone it so I am resting now with a cuppa. I can't wait to be able to clean the windows and dust the high ceilings but can't manage that just now. I want to get to the point that, when spring arrives properly I can concentrate on getting the garden lovely. Now the house is decluttered day to day cleaning takes no time, a deep clean once a month should be sufficient to keep things sparkly gorgeous halo

LondonCharlady Tue 15-Mar-16 14:01:57

Hello! The toilet, bathroom and the children's bedroom have been scrubbed, polished and mopped to within an inch of their lives! Now working on our bedroom, I've cleaned everything and have lifted the mattress and moved the underneath part of the bed, cleaned and mopped the floor under that and am now waiting for it to dry so I can put it all back and finish off. All bed linen, towels and the bathroom and toilet floor mats have been changed, and the windows have been open all day so it's all looking immaculate and smelling lovely and fresh! Hoping to get the upstairs finished today, I'll update you later. Glad to hear you've made progress too, and I can certainly relate to the rubbish pile you've mentioned - mine's at the bottom of the stairs! How's everyone else getting on? Grumpyoldblonde, I hope you're feeling better.

LondonCharlady Tue 15-Mar-16 14:03:20

Cross-post, good to hear from you Grumpy!

GooodMythicalMorning Tue 15-Mar-16 19:25:42

dining room done. treated myself to a lovely new tablecloth with sheep on it. sets the room right off.

Quickchangeup Tue 15-Mar-16 20:14:00

New tablecloth sounds great goood. I need a new tablecloth but haven't found anything I like. It's complicated by the fact I have a very patterned rug in the dining room. Need to sort something though as my poor table is starting to be wounded by DD and her craft endeavours! grin

GooodMythicalMorning Tue 15-Mar-16 20:22:00

found some nice ones at The Range. plain and patterned and not pricey so that was good.

mortgagefreesoon5 Wed 16-Mar-16 02:59:46

Can I join in please?
Move back into our 2 bed terrace 14 months ago, I have a toddler and a baby and I havent done a deep clean yet since I moved inshock Just been keeping my head above water, doing the basics, house never dirty but not that clean eiher IYKWIM.
I really really need to keep going. Don't know where to start!!!

Burgerbobismydad Wed 16-Mar-16 03:17:55

Ooh me! I have a few cupboards that I'm too afraid to open because of the inevitable avalanche of crap. Also need to clear the spare room to make a room for ds2. And get rid of clothes. And clean the fridge!

Quickchangeup Wed 16-Mar-16 07:08:52

Hello to the newcomers!
mortgagefree I know what you mean about house is never dirty but never really clean, that's exactly how my house is. Always presentable but I see the dust hiding and the dirt in the very corners!!

Not sure how much I'll achieve today. Have a poorly child here who spent the night in bed with me kicking the day lights out of me! Aiming to finish the hallway by doing the upstairs landing- washing down walls, doors and woodwork.

What's everyone else's aim for the day? smile

Grumpyoldblonde Wed 16-Mar-16 08:24:04

Morning, anyone have plans today? Mine really depend on how much work I have, but, by the end of the week I aim to have washed the sofa cushion covers, they come up like new. I also want to wash the mattress toppers and pillows.
The dishwasher is on ad when it finishes I want to put the fridge drawers through a cycle and then the removable bits of my oven.
I need to work and earn but I am keen to get the house tip-top by Easter. We are having some work done and also have new furniture coming for a bedroom and I don't want to be cleaning and arranging around mess if you see what I mean.
I have got rid of so much rubbish and crap, I made an online wish list of things I need to replace and will only buy what I love not things that will 'do', to that end I would rather go without for a while and save up so I can get what I really want.
Hope you all have a productive day!

Quickchangeup Wed 16-Mar-16 09:41:55

grumpy tell me more about dishwashing fridge bits! Is this actually ok to do?! My fridge needs a good clean but the shelves and drawers are too big for my kitchen sink so it takes ages and is super messy. Can I bung the whole lot in the dishwasher then?!

Grumpyoldblonde Wed 16-Mar-16 09:59:02

Hi Quick Yes, I put the fridge drawers in the dishwasher every so often with no problem, I also run the detergent drawer from the washing machine through every so often, although on my old machine it wiped off the writing on the front, which was fine as it was only the machine name e.g. Hotpoint. You can certainly put fridge drawers through, maybe on a quicker wash if you are nervous?

DamsenBerry Wed 16-Mar-16 10:05:18

You lot are really inspiring me but I'm on four 12hr shifts this week, so nothing at all will get done.
How do you go about cleaning paintwork? Wipe with a damp cloth? My walls and doors seem to be covered in muck!

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