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Flylady's fledglings spring clean your nests! March '16

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Greymalkin Mon 29-Feb-16 21:11:30

First of all, a big thank you to Fuzzpig flowers for leading us through the February thread, (you can hung up your duster for a bit now!)

If you are struggling with C.H.A.O.S. (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) and S.T.U.F.F. (Something That Undermines Family Fun) then this is the thread where we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system (in our own unique, relaxed style) with lots of support and chat along the way.

The FlyLady link is here Don't be put off by the twee language of the site – we all agree that the underlying system is very effective.

This little-and-often system is designed so that you can follow a series of steps and routines each day (which gradually become second nature) in zones of the house which are designated weekly; defining and minimising housework - which in theory should leave you with loads more time to do something more interesting instead.

At the same time it is intended to reduce that panicky "rabbit in headlights" feeling when you are overwhelmed and everything needs doing all at once. No problem if you miss a day or two; just jump right back in and it will all come around next month again!

It's up to you, but we advise not signing up to receive the Flylady e-mails as you will be swamped with her marketing and testimonial nonsense. All the information you need will be linked here on a daily basis.

From the first of the month, we will be following Flylady's steps and routines using a three-pronged approach (dependent on the stage everyone is at):

* start or repeat baby steps
* repeat baby steps + do 15 minutes a day decluttering in the current zone
* reinforce babysteps and do daily missions if you have finished decluttering.
* And if you are really enthusiastic and have finished decluttering - you can go on to detailed deep cleaning in each zone.

There are three key points to keep in mind throughout:

* No perfectionism allowed - this is harder than you would imagine and many of us on this thread struggle with this one.
* You are never behind - just start where you are and anything you do is progress.
* It didn't get into a mess overnight, it won't get tidy over night - accept it will take time to get on top of things.

If you are new; then trying to spend 15mins decluttering daily and doing the babysteps is a good way to start. Some of us (mentioning no names!) can have scary looking ‘ta-da’ lists but don't let that worry you. Do what you can, anything is better than nothing, and don't judge yourself against others.

If all else fails, a brew + the power of three technique + a bit of support on here can work wonders.

Here's the launch pad for more experienced fledglings.

Don’t let it put you off if we appear a bit cliquey, we really aren’t. Some of us have been on here for years – but all lurkers, intermittent returnees, oldies and newcomers very, very welcome.

Greymalkin Mon 29-Feb-16 21:19:34

chocolate cake biscuit chocolate cake biscuit

Links for Tuesday 1st March - Happy St David's Day! dragon

As always we kick off the new month in Zone 1 the Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room

Today’s mission is to set your timer for 15 minutes and hunt down any rubbish in these areas.

Our first baby step is to shine your sink

Habit of the month is getting dressed to your shoes. A tad controversial on here, some do, some don’t… (I certainly don't)

Tuesday is Planning day: menus, date nights, activities, world domination etc

chocolate cake biscuit chocolate cake biscuit

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Mon 29-Feb-16 21:51:43

Thank you Grey and thank you Fuzz for last month. flowers

fuzzpig Mon 29-Feb-16 22:19:47

...Duster? What's that then? grin

Thank you for the new thread Grey and thank you also to Einstein and Fiz for stepping in with the links I couldn't do last month. smile thanks

I think I've ended February on a high, today was a good day and I'm proud of what we achieved (and made sure the DCs know to be proud of themselves too). Especially since DH had to work til 6.30 instead of 2, which normally stresses me right out as it means a full day on my shoulders. But I was prepared for it and took shortcuts with an easy dinner and avoiding Beavers - not ideal, but taking that pressure off allowed us to get so much other stuff done - loads of home ed, tidying, bath and stories etc.

Tomorrow we are at home in the morning but then DD has writing club in the afternoon, so we'll have to just do one cycle of work/tidying/free choice before we leave. Tonight I seriously need to continue the editing work (soooo close to the end now but procrastinating like crazy! hmmblush) and do a towel wash.

I was talking to DD about the 'rabbit in headlights' feeling. It can be very frustrating when I'm asking them to tidy and they're just dithering, and DD says, "But you haven't told me what to do!" - I have to remind myself that it's the same problem that I have! So I gave her some examples, like telling her to look for something that's got an obvious home, like pens or Lego, and putting those away first, rather than worrying about things that don't have anywhere to go yet. It helped a bit but a lot of the tidying today was me handing them things and asking them to put them away - it worked well though as I could sit down and just pick things up off the horrendous floor and let them do the running. smile

BlueEyeshadow Mon 29-Feb-16 22:20:13

Thanks Grey, and Fuzz. thanks

DS1 was back at school today but pretty wiped out by the evening. Half his class seem to have or have had the same thing too.

The multilingual homework sounds extremely challenging, SC!

Slimmingcrackers Mon 29-Feb-16 22:21:47

Happy St David's day for tomorrow [leaves out 6ft string of sausages for dragon ]

Humungous thanks to Fuzzpig for leading us through February!! thanks cake brew Really really good of you when you are/were having constant battles with your health and dh redundancy and home schooling etc. Fantastic that you managed to do some decluttering and rearranging too!!

(Btw v. impressed by your dd voluntarily parsing a sentence!!)

I'm really enjoying re-visiting Latin with dd too. What I now realise is that, she finds it a lot easier than I did at the time, because she has already been taught shedloads of grammar at school from year dot - whereas it wasn't in fashion when I was at school.

And humungous thanks toGreymalkin for shiny new thread and for taking on March which is much appreciated! I do abide by the "getting dressed to shoes" rules as half of this house is a building site and only hard soles will do plus I find housework intensely boring and wearing shoes stops me from curling up on the sofa and reading books instead of doing the chores but as that rule is second nature now, am determined to declutter one or two recycling bags of paper from the home office every day this month if I possibly can - something which I can do despite bad back. Just declaring it on here so I have to follow through!

Big waves to all! Have a good month fledglings!

fuzzpig Mon 29-Feb-16 22:22:17

Oh and as for Flying, tomorrow I should take note of Planning Day - I've got really behind with keeping the diary. We are also going back to recording daily spends as we lapsed last month. I'm not going to be shining the sink (DH's domain, and it's a horrible plastic sink that won't shine) and sod the getting dressed to shoes grin but I will attempt the mission.

Fizrim Mon 29-Feb-16 23:00:07

Yay, it's Spring (so I'm told, along with heavy rain for tomorrow). Many thanks for your work Fuzz and thanks in advance to Grey

The day improved a bit as it went along. Have promised to set the alarm for tomorrow so when DH goes out, it will wake me up! Have a few things to get ready tonight and a bit of leftover wine so will do that now. Looking forward to making the most of the week ahead!

YesEinsteinsMumDid Mon 29-Feb-16 23:14:47

Spring? Ha ha ha ha ha. Drove home in a snow storm and it has been a freezing foggy kinda day here to end Feb. But this is the UK so I predict massive snow storms for the next few days crossed fingers and hopes weather is as contrary as kids

fuzzpig Mon 29-Feb-16 23:51:37

If there's snow now, I will cry.

YesEinsteinsMumDid Tue 01-Mar-16 01:58:03

Sorry now I have stopped laughing at the concept of spring tomo. I will attempt to be serious.

Ds is going to be off school again tomo. I am going to need to see about getting him checked out as this virus is starting to antagonise his asthma. And making him really grumpy and clingy

Aside from that I need to get a grip with planning, finish of the bastarding birthday present that I am now bored with having spent a few days doing exciting stuff. Although I am sure it will be fine once I get back to working on it.

Anyhow got distracted by other stuff on the internet and a poorly child who had decided that I was to be evicted from my bed so that he could steal it. Thankfully said child has now been returned to his own bed. My bed is mine, all mine. My precious. Mine. so nighty night and welcome to March eek! how the fuck! Already?!

Slimmingcrackers Tue 01-Mar-16 09:21:22

Yes, sunshine seems to have departed here too - cloudy and a bit dull today.

Blue glad your ds is back at school and hope he feels a bit stronger soon.

Einstein sorry your lad is under the weather also. Doesn't sound like either of you are getting much sleep.

Fuzzpig and Einstein I'm with you both re: the planning. Very behind with it.

Fuzz great that you ended Feb on a high! Good point about assuming too much knowledge when it comes to children tidying up. I make that mistake with dd, particularly as, bless her, she has a shocking role model in her mother blush

Unfortunately, just like me, she has magnificently tidy drawers and cupboards where the contents are beautifully aligned in symmetrical piles; while chaos reigns all around outside!! blush

All the clutter is really dragging us down atm. Need to lighten things up considerably for spring and set a better example!

Big waves to all fledglings! Have a good day everyone!

PS Einstein I couldn't help but bring this thread to your attention grin grin I imagine it makes getting the right tension a bit tricky ... .

fuzzpig Tue 01-Mar-16 09:36:55

I haven't even got up yet let alone found out what the weather's doing! Although from the sliver of window I can see, it looks dismal.

I can hear DD making a top for DS out of her fabric stash. Must actually get on with some work though in a minute! Breakfast first for me though.

SC I worry about being a bad role model as my parents (Mum especially) always used to have a go at me for being messy, and the hypocrisy really rankled! And yet I do find myself being the same with the DCs sometimes. I am feeling fairly good about it all at the moment though as we are making progress and they aren't whinging quite so much.

Right. Now I really am getting up. Honest.

fuzzpig Tue 01-Mar-16 12:11:32

Thought I'd run out of time to tidy this morning as I needed a bath - but instead I rushed round our bedroom (horrifically messy) and picked up anything I could see that the DCs would know where it belonged. Stuck a big pile of it on the newly cleared landing, and told them to get on with it. grin They looked a bit fazed at first but once I explained that everything on there was easy to put away it was fine. They did it really quickly while I was in the bath and it was barely any physical effort for me - win! grin

YesEinsteinsMumDid Tue 01-Mar-16 13:02:13

SC there are just some things you can't unread <boak>

Today has not gone to plan.

Slimmingcrackers Tue 01-Mar-16 13:36:58

Einstein Sorry, yes indeed grin

So far have:

ironed gym kit
filled dw
handed dog over to dog-walker
reinstigated veggie box order (not sure this is wise but trying out much more flexible version while back is out of action - its good because you can post your dislikes ie kholrabi and they won't include it - plus selling wider variety of products so more useful)
walked to butcher in rain, bought two pieces of pork and marinaded one

To do:
rubbish upstairs
make cookies (didn't get them done last night)
white wash
navy blue wash
better than usual s&s
dining room table hot spots
yet more will/insurance admin
1 or 2 bags papers for recycling/shredding/chucking from home office
plan a few suppers and prepare tonight's supper
sort cv for job?

Greymalkin Tue 01-Mar-16 14:48:29

Hello all,

<passes brain-bleach to Einstein to sanitise memory after that thread>

Glad you've had a good morning Fuzz

Busy morning for you SC

My DS had a mammoth sleep in this morning (admittedly he was awake in the night, but still) until 8:40! He does seem to be on the mend though and a lot more cheerful.

Plus, we have the Welsh weather here to celebrate St David's day! stdavids dragon stdavids

Ta Da
Lie in
Took DS to nursery
Quick trip to town:
*Paid some cash into bank
*Posted letters
*Business banking
*Picked up a birthday card
Stripped and remade two beds
Run a cleaning cycle through the washing machine
Put on one load of bed linen to wash
Descaled coffee machine and iron
Hand washed pots, pans and baking trays
Loaded dishwasher, put on
Checked our two smoke alarms - neither are working shock shock and I found a sticker on both saying the unit had to be replaced by 2011. I actually felt really cross with myself, something that is so important that I hadn't paid proper attention to.

To Do
Post more letters
Buy two more smoke alarms
Pick up prescriptions from Doctors and take old medicines in for disposal
Some online banking
Make an eye appointment
Cross check calendar and diary
Pick up DS
15 minutes in focus zone / mission

Fizrim Tue 01-Mar-16 14:55:30

Happy St David's Day! Halfway through laundry here, need to dry hair before collecting DD (gets out a little later tonight) and I'm thinking (just thinking, mind) of making Welsh Cakes tonight.

fuzzpig Tue 01-Mar-16 15:53:45

Happy dragon day smile

Einstein are you ok? In what way has your day gone wrong? Or is it just the horribleness of reading about, erm, knitting?

Home from writing club now. It's so sweet, DS was joining in too (the mums/siblings wait at the other end of the generously sized room). At Brownies DD is doing the Hobbies badge and she actually chose writing as hers - she's always enjoyed it but she's doing it more and more these days. smile

Haven't done the mission or daily focus yet! Did put a wash on though, will do another in a moment. Once I've caught up on various threads.

YesEinsteinsMumDid Tue 01-Mar-16 18:48:28

Couldn't sleep til 6am, feeling ill and meh so spent the day in bed basically sleeping. Beginning to look like ds has passed his virus on. Not even had the energy to watch tv shock And ds' grumpiness is a tad challenging. Flying has not happened. although it is entirely possibly that I have just done waaaay too much this weekend and today is a bit of burn out.

Thanks for asking Fuzzpig Hope you have had a good day.

mamamermaid Tue 01-Mar-16 19:29:23

Right this might be the sort of thing I need. Off to read links provided.

fuzzpig Tue 01-Mar-16 21:47:50

Welcome mama! smile

Ah that sounds rough Einstein sad hope you don't get too virusy.

Had an immensely productive (by my standards!) day - did another big stint of tidying in the same way as I did in the morning. Then when the DCs were busy putting those things away, I filled a binbag with rubbish (while wondering why the feck all the crap had been sitting in our room instead of in a bin all this time!).

Fizrim Tue 01-Mar-16 22:14:52

Evening all, welcome to mama.

Am quite pleased that DD has agreed to use a costume we already possess for Book Day on Thursday, one job off the list! Did laundry but didn't hang up to dry blush so will do that.

Had to do a quick shop this evening and bought some (more) nail varnish and (more) makeup. Will look like an improved version of me tomorrow amongst the clutter. Sometimes it helps to kick myself into shape before the house.

Have also joined some Kondo FB threads - need to do a KonMarie on my clothes before the new bedroom furniture arrives in a few weeks (flat pack, not even sure where they will be stored before being put together!).

DD is doing well after the Sunday upset (and the late Monday morning ...) and is doing OK with homework if reminded frequently during the evening. I am encouraging her in practicing her musical instrument frequently for short periods.

I need to find myself a new hairdresser, so will work on that this week.

See ya tomorrow!

YesEinsteinsMumDid Tue 01-Mar-16 22:21:23

Fuck world book day thursday. Arses. Had totally forgotten.

BlueEyeshadow Tue 01-Mar-16 22:44:43

Einstein - DS2's WBD costume consists of a Golden Ticket and normal clothes - any good?

Waves to Grey.

Hi to mama!

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