How the heck do I know if my laminate flooring is sealed or not???

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nothercules Sat 30-Dec-06 18:11:48

Most of our downstairs is Marylflex laminate put in to our house when it was made before we moved in.

I have been mopping it a lot recently due to wet weather and dogs.

Getting a bit worried now I've damaged the floor underneath although no visible damage.

I cant stop mopping as it gets soooo muddy.

Anyone know how I can tell or knows if that laminate type is sealed?

charliecat Sat 30-Dec-06 18:13:38

hmm, I dont know but your not meant to mop it at all...I find damp hot towel under feet works well.

nothercules Sat 30-Dec-06 18:20:36

I have been mopping it a lot recently.....

I just bought some Mr muscle orange stuff for lamiate floors. It says don't use on unsealed.

How the heck are you meant to clean it of mud?

nothercules Sat 30-Dec-06 18:43:52

Thanks charlie cat. We have quite a large surface area downstairs so a towel would be filthy in a moment.

charliecat Sat 30-Dec-06 19:04:00

My mum, who is slightly bonkers, but this does make sense, throws a couple of towels at the door before she goes out, and on the way back in with muddy feet and paws she throws then out like a mat, everyones mucky feet grub up the towels and once shes took her shoes off she bungs them in the washing machine, so the floors never get the mud on them, therefore dont need cleaning as much, just a thought
I have never got round to being that organised myself...
Is your floor shiny? Does that what it mean by sealed, they shiny surface?
Or sealed between the gaps when it was put togther...??

themoon66 Sat 30-Dec-06 19:38:35

My new house is all laminated flooring upstairs and in the lounge. It also appears to be exactly the same thing in the bathrooms, which I thought would have to be sealed. The laminate is all lifting around the edge of the shower, where water has dribbled every day. We've been here 6 months and I cannot see the laminate lasting another 6 TBH.

I think you can buy special bathroom laminate which is waterproof, rather than seal the ordinarly stuff.

nothercules Sun 31-Dec-06 10:23:48


JackieNo Sun 31-Dec-06 10:38:21

Agree with Charliecat - the difference between sealed and unsealed wood is whether the surface of it is polished or not - if you had 'real' wood, like floorboards, it might not be sealed. It doesn't refer to whether water can get in between the planks.

You should be fine to mop, but just make sure you keep the mop as dry as you can, and don't leave water standing on the surface that could seep between the cracks (Microfibre mops are especially good for this, as you can wring them out till they're just barely damp, and you also don't need to use chemicals - just water). Hth.

nothercules Sun 31-Dec-06 10:39:35

Thanks - off to buy a micro fibre mop today.

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