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De cluttering kitchen! Where to start?

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frazzled74 Sun 21-Feb-16 11:25:14

I've decided that to make my tiny kitchen look more streamlined, I need to lose 2 wall cupboards, and replace with some shelves which shouldn't look so clunky (if I'm neat and tidy). Any tips for de cluttering and making the most of space please? Also, I have a larder cupboard but it's a mess, can I buy those pull out inserts for it from anywhere?

wowfudge Sun 21-Feb-16 12:52:03

Have a clear out before you remove cupboards. Shelves get dusty and greasy. The insides of cupboards don't.

Start with food and chuck out anything past its use by date that you won't eat. When it comes to equipment, if you haven't ever used it then get rid. If you hardly ever use it and it's really just taking up space, then get rid. We have all our everyday crockery in one wall cupboard with additional wire shelves which mean plates are stacked but you can get at each size without lifting a load of stuff out to get at it. Pics attached.

Try IKEA and Lakeland for cupboard inserts. If you have a set place for things and stick to it, it's much easier to keep things tidy.

frazzled74 Sun 21-Feb-16 20:51:34

Thank you, I did quite well, just need to sort through 2 cupboards of Tupperware and mugs now! And going to persuade my friend to take me to ikea next weekend .

NannyR Mon 22-Feb-16 21:51:45

I emptied everything out of my cupboards and put to one side everything I hadn't used on a regular basis during the last six months. I also pared down things like utensils - I only need one or two wooden spoons, not eight!

All the stuff I thought I didn't need I put in a box in the loft, so I could get it if I desperately needed it, but I haven't needed to get anything out of there for over a year so it's all going to the charity shop soon.

Plastic storage boxes - I got rid of all the mismatched odds and ends and bought ten identical medium size boxes and ten small tubs. Because they are the same size they stack neatly and the lids match.

My kitchen is quite small but getting rid of all the clutter on the work tops makes it look more spacious and it's much easier to keep clean. I just have a kettle, nespresso machine, knife block, kenwood chef and radio out on the work top, everything else is out of sight i.e. I don't eat toast every day so I don't need my toaster out taking up space.

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