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lack of storage and cupboard space

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Nottsangel2015 Thu 18-Feb-16 07:34:43

Hi. We are moving into our new house this weekend (rented) we are moving because the 3rd bedroom in our current house is not a bedroom and dd2 can only fit a cot and drawers in m plus bedroom 2 which dd1 and sd share is meant to be a double but is really a single and with them been 9 and 10 they need more space. also our current kitchen is like a box, we work from home so have a home office in our dining area which looks extremely untidy anyway que said move into another 3 bed as that's all we can afford where we live. The new house has a lovely good sized kitchen and dining area. The girls bedroom is not massively bigger but big enough to split their bunk which they've been begging for for ages. Dd2 will now have a normal sized bedroom :-) set of problems start now. There is literally no cupboard space, there is a small cupboard in our bedroom which I have allocated for linen and suitcases. A small under stairs cupboard but it's unusable as it holds the meters and that is it except for an outside shed/garage. How can I create storage space? The house is not massive and I'm not a fan of shelves as they can look untidy and I normally just end up putting stuff down on them and leaving it. Also out bedroom is smaller than we have here well actually I don't think it is it's just a different layout and the new room doesn't have built in wardrobes, another problem. I have currently 2 ikea malm drawers which oh hates as says they are too big but I love them. We also have a huge 4 door built in wardrobe. Now during packing I have managed to get rid of 5 bin liners of clothes and coats and bags for the charity shop we think space wise in the new room we are going to struggle to fit the 2 drawers and the 3 ikea 2 door wardrobes I wanted to buy (cheap at £39 each!) I have been looking at alternatives and have found a lovely 3 door 6 drawer wardrobe and a 2 door 3 drawer wardrobe to match but the cost is nearly £300 which I'm struggling to afford on top of the move etc. Does anyone have any space ideas for clothes storage in the bedroom. What do you all have? Oh thinks we don't need the 3 and 2 door or even the 3 ikea ones he thinks the equivalent to either 2 X 2 wardrobes or a 3 door should be plenty. I think he underestimates how much we have even after the cull and now big these fitted wardrobes are here that we will miss l. Any help and suggestions greatly welcome! Also those of you with babies what do you do with your buggies? Do you walk them into the house and leave up? Do you fold them? Fold and leave in the car boot (can see this being a nightmare in the rain) thank you in advance!

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