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Laminate flooring

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Scattymum101 Wed 17-Feb-16 04:45:12

Where is the best place to get it from?
Want to put laminate in the living/dining area and hall (currently carpet) but not sure where to get it from. Want good quality stuff as would like it to last. Don't want to put proper wood down as have young kids and don't want to spend all that money for it to get scratched by toys etc.

handbags88 Wed 17-Feb-16 09:01:16

We just had our living room, kitchen and hall laminated - we got the flooring from B&q. They had a sale on their flooring, it might still be on.
There are some nice styles - ours is an oak one with a grained effect. It looks very nice and it wasn't too expensive. We went for thick stuff suitable for kitchen too.

We were laminating about 28 square metres and the materials (underlay, trim and flooring) cost us under £300.

I dropped knife sharp side down on it yesterday by accident and it's fine - not a scratch!!

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