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Seriously filthy oven

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WipsGlitter Tue 16-Feb-16 15:13:50

Professional cleaner refused to do it, said he used bio stuff and it needed caustic or industrial cleaners.

I've got the racks and trays in oven pride bags at the minute but how do I clean off the rest of the burnt bits? On the sides etc?

I vaguely remember something about a thing you put in the oven - heat it up and the burnt bits fall off?!?


BIWI Tue 16-Feb-16 15:15:20

You need these people!

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 16-Feb-16 15:19:38

I'd get someone in, life's too short.

When it's clean use sugar soap to keep it clean.

TheGreatSnafu Tue 16-Feb-16 15:28:59

Is there another professional cleaner you can ask? grin

Agree to industrial cleaners - most oven cleaners are caustic - open all windows, seal off the area, use masks, whatever.

WipsGlitter Tue 16-Feb-16 15:30:43

I'll probably try a different company. Was tragically excited about getting it done today. sad

bimbobaggins Tue 16-Feb-16 20:05:20

My oven was beyond filthy a few months ago I actually thought id need a new oven. Was recommended mr muscle oven cleaner. Left the solution on the base of the oven for four hours, cleaned and repeated solution a couple more times. Also used a hard plastic spatula. I honestly couldnt believe the finished look. It was like a new oven. Great sense of satisfaction! Rubber gloves area a must

Whataboutnodetox Tue 16-Feb-16 20:07:46

The oven pride liquid you put half in the bag and spread the other half over the oven with a sponge. Leave it over night and then clean it afterwards. I'd use a dishwashing brush to brush off as much shit as possible first and then spread it on.

SignoraStronza Tue 16-Feb-16 20:10:03

Window scraper. Top tip from someone who used to clean muck out student properties between lettings.

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