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Fridge frazzle

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wishiwasacollie Mon 15-Feb-16 16:54:30

Fridge stopped working on xmas eve. Freezi.g food in the veg baskets and door. We did a complete thaw and clean but no joy.
Fridge man came out and thought it was the fan. He had to get a new fan unit. We paid that. Fridge still didnt work.
He came back and said he woukd speak to manufacturers. They suggested the thermo unit. He replaced that and said he would charge labour as the last fix didnt fix.
I came back an hour later and still freezing but the fridge has developed a new problem and old problem is still there. He now says after speaking to manufacturer its a sensor.

I have no idea what do do about paying him on the assumption that this new sensor works and solves the problem.. Am faced now with a total bill approx £350 . That includes the bit that didnt solve it. Do I pay for all the repairs even those that didnt work. Am minded to do that as otherwise will get same bill but made up of labour costs.
If it makes a difference he said they were manufacturers authorised repairers

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