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snowydrops Tue 09-Feb-16 13:15:46

So currently we have 2 x kallax units with 4 storage containers in each, one in our lounge and one in the kitchen / diner. I want to move these into DD1s bedroom as there is space and it means we can get rid of a lot of the toys downstairs.

We need to get something to at the least replace the storage in the Kitchen diner as she will still want some toys downstairs of course. I have seen these from Loaf: and also these: which i like a lot but not in stock for a while. Anything else like this out there which looks nice? I don't mind spending a bit more as it will be 'on show' in our kitchen / diner.

Cressandra Tue 09-Feb-16 20:46:42

Not a quick fix but have you considered getting a really nice, solid, low deep bookcase and adding your own baskets? You'd need to play with the measurements a bit but you can get bookcases 35cm deep easily enough and there are thousands of basket options around everywhere. I like the felt ones myself. You can mix and match different sizes and shapes etc.

My youngest is 7 now and I'm finding we've moved on from baskets of things to mainly games. A bookcase is more flexible than storage cubes and you can adapt it to different uses over time.

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