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Washer Dryer question...

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CoffeeCait Sun 07-Feb-16 13:35:12

We have a Zanussi washer dryer which we've just replaced with a washing machine (as it holds more clothes). We've put the old washer dryer into the garage as I still wanted to use it for the tumble drying function but I've just found out that the dryer function won't work without being attached to the cold water feed confused

Is there any way to "trick"/bypass this so the dryer function will work without the water inlet being connected or is this a really stupid question?! blush

rabbit123 Sun 07-Feb-16 14:33:30

No, it won't work. On the dryer setting, the machine takes in cold water that it uses to condense the steam from the dryer and then pump out down the drain, so it needs to be hooked up to both the cold inlet and the drain. Trying to use it without the cold water feed connected will probably kill the solenoid valves and the pump.

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