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What's your daily/weekly schedule? (If you don't work)

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Karcheer Tue 02-Feb-16 11:09:08

I should be super fit, look polished, have perfectly groomed dogs, clean and tidy house, eat freshly made nutritious food... But I don't!

I don't work so theoretically 24hrs a day are mine.
I used to have a job where I was super organised and although I had less time at home I felt more in control.
I've signed up to an online course but so far I've only done about an hour as I don't have time. I go out looking scruffy, we end up eating quick meals etc because I don't have time. I literally don't know what I do. I really need a schedule.

Can someone share theirs with me? Or create one for me?
It's really getting me down as I feel hopeless, so some help would really appreciate some help...

Thank you!

suzannecaravaggio Tue 02-Feb-16 11:16:19

I do work but very few hour and I live alone so loads of free time / me time
I am uber healthy wrt food and exercise but apart from that I spend a fair amount of time just chilling, I love itgrin

Karcheer Tue 02-Feb-16 11:28:23

Haha! See I feel frustrated, the only thing I actually achieve every day is walking the dogs twice a day.

kansasmum Tue 02-Feb-16 18:55:41

I only work 6 hours a week plus do a bit of massage therapy from home as clients book so I should have tons of time to get stuff done!
However somehow that doesn't happen!
I have recently discovered that writing EVERYTHING in my diary means it gets done! I looked on Pinterest and found a way of using diary page to organise my day e.g events, to do list, meal planner, shopping list etc.
I try and roughly plan the week on a Sunday eve and than add to it as the week goes on.

WipsGlitter Tue 02-Feb-16 19:05:07

What's a current "average" day look like?

suzannecaravaggio Tue 02-Feb-16 19:17:14

some sort of meal plan and a system to make sure the kitchen is stocked with the foods that you would ideally like the family to be eating?

Karcheer Tue 02-Feb-16 20:33:50

I wake up at about 5:30 ( when dh is running a bath, he leaves at 6), I sometimes fall back to sleep, else I lay in bed trying till about 7:30, then a quick bath, get dressed quickly (jeans, jumper), feed the cat, feed the dogs, put coffee on, unpack dishwasher, drink coffee, put away yesterday's washing (that doesn't need ironing), go upstairs, bring down dirty washing, sort washing, put on a load, take dogs for a 30min street walk, come home, make another coffee, have something to eat.
From here on the day goes to pot... I sometimes clean for a bit but normally I'll look at the internet and watch homes under the hammer and then this morning, then loose women blush, then I realise we've hardly any food so I'll walk to the supermarket get something for lunch, maybe dinner too. Then go home have lunch. I'm then at a bit of a loss time about 3/3:30 then I take the dogs to the fields, come back have tea, think about dinner, see if dh is coming home for dinner, realise I can't be bothered to cook, go back to supermarket get either something to throw in oven or microwave...

I just feel tired and disorganised. I think I start well :/

Karcheer Tue 02-Feb-16 20:34:45

suzanne I've no idea what we should be eating, but I don't think I'm eating right at the moment as I'm tired all the time.

WipsGlitter Tue 02-Feb-16 20:51:36

So what would you like to be different?

I'd try meal planning - not rigid "it's Monday it must be fish pie" more a rough idea of what you will have each night. Make a list on Sunday night, shop Monday morning.

Get some cookery books from the library and try something new every week.

Don't turn the tv on ir limit yourself to 20 minutes.

Take up a class for the afternoon.
Set yourself a reading challenge.
Go back to work?!
Meet friends
Join a gym
Declutter a room at a time

ExasperatedAlmostAlways Tue 02-Feb-16 21:09:44

I just run around like crazy, today got up got the three kids ready and myself..dropped the girls at school. Went to meet my friend and her little girl with my youngest at a soft play at 9.20. Left there went into town to get something for my eldest. Home, fed my son lunch got changed into gym clothes. Dropped him off went to the gym done a food shop. Came home unpacked it, had lunch went and picked girls up then went and picked son up. Went and visited inlaws. Came home made dinner then tidied up whilst it was in the oven, hung washing up, put another wash on, done Dd2 homework, had dinner, done dishes, bathed two little ones, hoovered Hall, stairs and bedrooms,read them four books then put them to bed, hung second wash up, done some paperwork and now just going for a bath.

Life's like this every day for us. I have a huge clean up on a Saturday where I spend all morning gutting the place and getting it spotless then I maintain everyday. Iv been using the body coaches lean in fifteen book for meal inspirations and really recommend it.

suzannecaravaggio Tue 02-Feb-16 23:00:46

then I realise we've hardly any food so I'll walk to the supermarket

I shop mostly online and top up if I'm passing the supermarket (usually on the way back from the gym or a work related errand) I'd never let things get to the point that there is hardly any food in

TurnOffTheTv Tue 02-Feb-16 23:03:07

You sound bored? Do you want to work or would you rather stay at home?
You are awake super early and have a lot of hours to fill with no structure.
Can you plan something everyday that interests you rather than just a supermarket shop?
Exercise class
Running group
Reading group
Do you have disposable income to do nice stuff? Meet friends for lunch and stuff?

annielostit Wed 03-Feb-16 08:05:51

I think the key to getting anything done is it has to be done first thing.
I feel like you in something's.
As someone said,
Make a list of jobs that need doing
Make a basic menu for a few days
Plan a shopping list.
Plan in you dog walk.
Your day could look like,
Wash & dress - put on load of washhing.walk& feed the dogs. - have breakfast.
Wash up - put washing to dry. Tidy a bedroom.have a cuppa.
Shop for your 2 days meals. Prep it.walk the dogs again- have a bath - then eat with oh.
The next day do another room etc.

BestBeforeDate Wed 03-Feb-16 14:02:24

I'm semi retired and generally work one or two days a week, plus I often do a few hours work from home. I'm sure the house used to get cleaned much more when I worked full-time! But DH doesn't seem to notice or bother, so if it's dusty it's dusty.

The only way I can get housework done is to make a list and leave it somewhere prominent, so it shames me into doing it and it's satisfying to cross it off.

Other than that, I do an exercise class twice a week, I go to the local Farmers Market on a Friday and then do a big shop . Then Friday night I always cook a 'fancy' dinner to get the weekend off to a good start. I have also done a few online courses, some of which have been interesting, others not so much.

The internet is a dreadful timewaster. I have to ration myself and reward myself with half an hour's screen time once I've done something constructive. I think you definitely need to plan the day, write a list and stick to it, otherwise you're just fannying around waiting for the day to end, and tomorrow's more of the same.

BestBeforeDate Wed 03-Feb-16 14:04:16

Oh, and I don't have anything planned and I'm at home in the day I end up snacking far too much, so yes you do need to eat proper meals and plan for them as others have said.

Karcheer Wed 03-Feb-16 17:38:16

Regarding work, I don't want to go back to what was my career, and I don't want to go back to reception or supermarket work which is why I signed up,for an online course, which hopefully will lead to a new career.

I think I need to force a structure into my day, I've started using the bullet list as recommended on another thread and today I've got lots done (nespresso machine currently being cleaned). But I haven't done any college work or got to the gym. I'm thinking if I state specific times for these on my bullet list and work my other tasks around these. Will try this tomorrow.
Yes I have disposable income and met a friend today for coffee, which I'd been failing to get round to for a while.
Food shopping is a big one, I think I waste a lot of time going there once, sometimes twice a day. But dh is really awkward where food is concerned, so a bit of a hard nut to crack :/

TurnOffTheTv Wed 03-Feb-16 20:18:14

Do you enjoy cooking? Or can you do a meal plan? I know that's sounds patronising, but some people find it a complete ball ache and some people love it.
I cook for myself, from scratch, three times a day blush

TurnOffTheTv Wed 03-Feb-16 20:19:13

Do you not fancy training in something different and going to uni?

Karcheer Wed 03-Feb-16 20:56:23

turnoffthetv I used to cook a lot and loved it! but my dh is fussy and often it's just me that needs feeding so I've fallen out of love with it, and to be honest I don't know where to start, I bought BBC good food this week and Mary berrys new book, neither have inspired me for some reason... I need to try harder!

My online course is a HND, I need to try and do between 10-15hrs a week studying. I'm just not sure how to fit it in. God I must sound pathetic!

TurnOffTheTv Wed 03-Feb-16 23:55:13

Not at all. But sometimes it's better to do things with people than by yourself. I personally need to be in college/uni/night class to crack on because left to my own devices I would truly struggle.

KondoAttitude Thu 04-Feb-16 10:35:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Snog Tue 16-Feb-16 19:47:32

I find that inviting my friend over for the day on Wednesdays motivates me to clean the house on Monday and Tuesday and cook something in advance for her. Would something like that work for you?

It sounds like you have a good morning routine.
Maybe you can add to it eg make or prep the supper in the morning. I generally cook double quantities so I don't need to cook every day. The mumsnet recipe book has "virtuous chilli" which I make most weeks as it contains more than my 5 a day in one hit!

Maybe you can also create an afternoon routine.

Supermarket shopping seems like it may be a real time waster if you go twice a day.
Meal planning is great and means you can go twice a week or even better get it delivered.

For exercise can you do something with a friend?

madmomma Thu 18-Feb-16 06:57:06

First thing in the morning, put all your machines on,if appropriate. So bung a wash on, start the dryer, load breakfast pots into the dishwasher etc. Air all the bedrooms and throw the covers back to air the beds. Clean the sink and toilet when you've finished getting ready in the morning. Then think about food and anything you might need from the shops. By then I'm usually bored stiff of housework so I do something else.

1AngelicFruitCake Thu 18-Feb-16 08:03:17

Food shopping - challenge yourself to do a once a twice a week shop. I meal plan but you don't have to but buy ingredients for meals you know you'll make. You must be spending a fortune going so often!

I work part time with a little one but am currently on maternity leave waiting for baby number 2. I find if I don't expect myself to do anything then I waste so much time.

I have a few non-negotiable tasks that I expect myself to do before my husband comes home: all washing up done, washing load put on and hung out, house tidied etc.

I make a list of jobs that need doing and allocate days to them. Then I give myself permission on a Friday for example to have a day where I laze around with my toddler but I find as I'm 'allowing' myself to do it then I end up turning the tv off as its not as appealing as when it's 'forbidden'!

Theendispie Thu 18-Feb-16 08:40:54

Typical Day in the week when everyone else is at work and school.

1 hour walk for exercise
2 hours gaming on my Xbox
1 hour housework, laundry, shopping for food, averaged out
1 hour cooking and making packed lunches
2 hours to watch a film

I have 3 friends who work from home and 3 friends who have retired so also meet up for socialising. I'm starting a course after Easter that will take up a few hours a week.

I have never had a big problem with clutter as I am just not interested in 'stuff' apart from my gaming stuff which can be stacked neatly in my gaming area. It also means I have never been interested in shopping for pleasure.

There is no grand plan I am a routine based person that very possibly has some sort of ASD. In my last job I spent most of my time manipulating statistical data whilst feeling mystified by my women colleagues. I am a woman btw.

I have an A5 notebook that I jot things down in and keep in my rucksack, the rucksack those same women colleagues found amusing, which irritated me profusely. I am most certainly a total geek smile

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