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Cleaning the Oven

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araminem Mon 01-Feb-16 07:13:26

I am off work sick for what seems like the millionth time in January and I'm bored. I have been eyeing the oven for a while. Have lived in this house for over a year and it hasn't been cleaned blush and I am suspecting it needs a good going over. So, what are your best tips? I know dishwashing tablet for the oven glass. I have done that and it looks OK. But what about the gunk on the inside of the oven? Any advice?

wowfudge Mon 01-Feb-16 07:29:39

I use Oven Pride. Stick the shelves in the bag and use the rest of the solution on the inside of the oven. But, if your oven has stay clean linings only use it on the oven bottom and door. Does the oven have a pyrolytic cleaning programme? If so, then do that first. I use a Stanley blade scraper to clean the glass door.

ClaudiaNaughton Mon 01-Feb-16 07:33:11

If you have a pyrolytic oven you mustn't, and don't need, to use chemical cleaners.

SirChenjin Mon 01-Feb-16 07:34:01

Over Pride. Nothing else works.

araminem Mon 01-Feb-16 07:51:22

I haven't found a pyrolytic cleaning programme unfortunately (oven came with the house). So I guess I need to get myself to the shops for some Oven pride (replacement...not in the UK!). Was hoping it could be done with what I have in the house :D. Yes, naive I guess grin

wowfudge Mon 01-Feb-16 09:15:19

You can do it with Cif, Brillo pads, etc, but it is hard work. Whereabouts are you? I bet there's an equivalent.

araminem Mon 01-Feb-16 09:43:29

Yes! I know of the elbow grease method but I was hoping to be a bit lazy ;). I am in Scandinavia. I am sure there is an alternative but have to make it to the shops for that. I will look next time I am there.

bluepuzzle Mon 01-Feb-16 09:52:32

this method worked a treat with my oven:

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