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Washing egyptian cotton bedding on 60 degrees?

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rabbit123 Tue 26-Jan-16 22:26:59

Hi Mumsneters,

I've just bought my first set of good quality egyptian cotton bedding. I'm quite excited, I've never had posh bedding before. We've always just made do with stuff from Next, Asda Living, Matalan, TK Maxx etc. But this stuff is really lovely - 400 thread count white egyptian cotton.

I've always washed bedding on 60 degrees and I really don't like the idea of washing it any lower. I know some of you will say "oh, it's fine to wash on 40" but that's just really not ever likely to happen in this house. Trouble is, because I've never had egyptian cotton before, I'm wondering if it's ok to wash on 60? Especially with it being white, it really will need the hotter wash IMO. Has anybody had any horror stories with washing this on 60 or is it always ok?

In my experience, anything 100% cotton you can boil it, tumble dry it on high heat or flippin' BBQ the stuff if you wanted to it with no problems, it's materials like wool and polyester that shrink more.

Any experience would be appreciated.


wowfudge Tue 26-Jan-16 23:32:01

I would wash it as per the label, at least for the first few times. I wouldn't want to risk it shrinking. Reduce the spin speed so you get fewer creases.

rabbit123 Tue 26-Jan-16 23:38:09

Thanks wowfudge smile. I need to wash it before it goes on anyway as it's still in the packet at the moment. I normally do the sheets on minimum iron 60 and then low heat in the dryer, which doesn't crease up so badly. I might try just the pillow cases on 60 and see how they go. I don't know if I can honestly bring myself to wash bedsheets at 40. Plus it would give my mother in law something else to tut at me about.

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