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lousy Hotpoint service - any suggestions?

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notsupermum Tue 19-Jan-16 13:46:15

Just wondering if anyone has had success complaining to Hotpoint - I signed up for an insurance plan to service our washing machine. I've just waited a week for an appointment and will wait another week for a part to be delivered. I can't find anyone to complain to (live chat not working, customer helpline engaged). In the meantime we are a family of six with no clean clothes...anyone know a hotline to the chief exec?

wowfudge Tue 19-Jan-16 13:53:19

They are behind on addressing the safety issues with some of their tumble dryers so that may be why they are swamped. They are owned by Whirlpool - a US corporation. I'd have a look at their corporate website and see if you can find the contact details for their Company Secretary or the VP responsible for Europe.

wowfudge Tue 19-Jan-16 13:53:49

Or try social media.

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Tue 19-Jan-16 14:36:03

Sadly I think this is the norm, we had similar with Bosch.
Still under warranty, a week wait for them to look at it them another 10 days for new part to be fitted.
Sorry not much help to you!

Noctilucent Tue 19-Jan-16 14:38:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Noctilucent Tue 19-Jan-16 14:41:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rabbit123 Tue 19-Jan-16 14:47:41

My advice is...don't but a Hotpoint, they're crap wink

rabbit123 Tue 19-Jan-16 14:48:41

wowfudge, I thought Hotpoint were owned by Indesit? The Hotpoint we had was definitely Indesit made and it was atrocious.

notsupermum Tue 19-Jan-16 14:53:17

hmm have they been bought by Whirlpool? V confused. Can't get through to anyone in the UK

wowfudge Tue 19-Jan-16 16:11:41

Both Hotpoint and Indesit are owned by Whirlpool. As are a host of other brand names, including KitchenAid.

rabbit123 Tue 19-Jan-16 20:06:10

wowfudge, just googled - Indesit bought out Hotpoint/Creda in 2004 and then the Indesit company got bought out by Whirlpool last year.

Candy own Hoover, Electrolux own AEG & Zanussi, Bosch own Bosch, Siemens & Neff, and all those cheap Currys & Asda brands all seem to be made by the same company too.

Is there any independent companies left anymore!? shock

wowfudge Tue 19-Jan-16 20:18:21

I have an 18 year old Creda fridge freezer - still going strong. They don't make 'em like they used to!

notsupermum Tue 19-Jan-16 20:39:17

My mum and dad had the same washing machine for about 25 years...don't think it was a Hotpoint

rabbit123 Tue 19-Jan-16 20:51:06

wowfudge, my parents Hotpoint washer lasted a good 15-20 years. That was when Hotpoint were still Hotpoint. Our Indesit-with-a-Hotpoint-badge-on-it didn't make the 2 year mark.

wowfudge Tue 19-Jan-16 22:16:15

Hmm - I have a horrible feeling that when we move house this year that will do for a number of appliances. It did last time!

e1y1 Sun 24-Jan-16 03:27:23

Doesn't help, but I sympathise, 4 weeks ago got a brand new whirlpool machine, went faulty, had to wait 2 weeks for engineer to come from hotpoint/indesit/whirlpool. Then for replacement, Indesit office messed up delivery date on that too.

Number i got through on fairly quick was 0344811211

WavingNotDrowning Sun 24-Jan-16 06:12:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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