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Any hoarders around? I'm having a wobble

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RudeElf Thu 14-Jan-16 19:16:33

I havent added anything in a long long time and have gradually reduced my hoard a bag at a time untill there was only a (large) corner in my room left. It was stuff i had deliberately not gotten rid of because it could all be sold. But i am moving house and whilst sorting it all to pack (and move with me) i started thinking well some can go to charity. And then i thought, actually all of it can go. So i boxed and bagged and took it all to the charity shop.

But i feel really stressed about it. My intention was always to sell it. It was all decent clothes and shoes and bags. Many brand new with tags. Its all gone now and that potential money with it. I think its because moving is costing money and the new house is dearer so in my head i'm thinking "i need every penny i can get" but i know its mad to bring a hoard to a new house. New house is brand new and a new start for me in many ways, including saying goodbye to a cluttered house. So this is a good (big step) but i feel really anxious ever since.

BlueSmarties76 Thu 14-Jan-16 19:23:35

You did the right thing! FWIW, second hand clothes do not too for that much anyway. Well don on reducing stuff so much, amazing achievement!

RudeElf Thu 14-Jan-16 19:27:29

Yes they dont reach much at all on ebay sure they dont? There was maybe only £100 worth of stuff and thats if it even sold! I do feel good that it wont be coming with me to fill a room in the new house. It has been in 3 houses already. Its good. Its a good thing.

RookieMonster Thu 14-Jan-16 19:37:41

Well done you. With all the effort involved in selling on eBay - taking decent pictures, listing it with a good title and description, awaiting payment, packing things up to post, posting it and waiting nervously for it to arrive, I often just can't be bothered with the hassle!!

5BlueHydrangea Thu 14-Jan-16 19:38:35

I can understand your feeling. I have lots of stuff (!) and I always have a dilemma about what to do with it so half the time it stays!
What sort of charity shop was it? As in which charity? Just think of the benefits to others, look upon it as benefitting others (and really you too as its gone). The charity and lots of others who buy the things will get pleasure and the money will be put to good use.

RudeElf Thu 14-Jan-16 19:43:34

It was SVP which is in a deprived area where i used to live and i bought lots of my baby things from. There were lots and lots of hardly worn childrens winter coats and boots so i know they will go to good use.

cozietoesie Thu 14-Jan-16 19:48:40

Very good use. smile

You've managed - even though money may be tight - to help others and give a donation to charity.

Well done!

ginorwine Fri 15-Jan-16 11:22:57

Well done !
I've got a few bags I've been resisting sending and you have inspired me to get on with it !!!!!!

RudeElf Fri 15-Jan-16 11:27:48

Oh gin go for it. I feel great today! No more anxiety or regret. Its all gone. I am fine with it. A big clear space in my room. No hoard material is coming to my new house.

Deux Fri 15-Jan-16 11:34:45

Well done. I think we can all struggle with this sometimes, in thinking and wanting to realise the value of unwanted possessions.

But when I bought those things it was never my intention to get money for them. The cost is sunk when you buy it.


Geepee71 Sun 17-Jan-16 12:23:59

Try and think that you'll need less storage in your brand new house.
I struggle to part with things, but yesterday took 3 large bags to my brother for him to car boot, this was kitchen and other stuff that I've had for years, some new in boxes, yet still wanted to hang onto. I don't want money from him selling it, though have said a donation would be nice!
I find it easier to give to members of the family/charity shop than to throw away.
For me, getting rid of stuff, especially clothes, reminds me that I paid/wasted money when I purchased something and then never used it, so there's added guilt too.
Concentrate on someone else benefitting from your unwanted things.

Geepee71 Sun 17-Jan-16 12:25:42

Oops RudeElf, just seen that you feel great today, that's brill and is inspiring me to sort/donate more stuff smile

RudeElf Sun 17-Jan-16 15:58:09

Thanks geepee. I started moving stuff over to the new house today and realised there is still so much i can get rid of and i actually feel ok about that. We are really only using about half the stuff in our house.

Geepee71 Sun 17-Jan-16 16:17:31

That's brilliant RudeElf, enjoy your de cluttering sessions, and proudly display your treasures...... Sounds like less is more!

Sammysquiz Mon 18-Jan-16 07:01:43

Well done! Think of it as a very worthwhile donation to charity. Also if you're selling lots of things on eBay you're bound to have at least one dickhead of a buyer who messes you around. Think of the time & stress you've saved yourself!

BlueSmarties76 Tue 19-Jan-16 19:15:39

I'm not a hoarder but I do have a lot of evidence of my old shopping habits! One thing I found useful was to put everything I wanted to get rid of into one room or corner of a room. That really clears up space in the rest of the house and means I'm not looking at stuff I don't want all the time. I also think it helps to emotionally distance yourself from the stuff as you never see it. Maybe you could try a similar thing with the rest of the things you want to get rid of?

RudeElf Tue 19-Jan-16 19:20:00

Yes blue, we have a small spare room at new house where the "getting rid" stuff can go whilst i get through it all.

It was kind of the idea of the corner in my room but of course it wasnt a lot of space and stuff spread

BlueSmarties76 Wed 20-Jan-16 08:52:53

Fantastic you've got a spare room to put the stuff in. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly with clearing out once you've finished moving smile.

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