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What is this bug?

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TheWrathofNaan Tue 12-Jan-16 12:01:51

I occasionally find tiny 3 mm size bugs on my walls. They are brown and slightly rigged in length. I have tried to take a picture but to get a close up the picture goes fuzzy.

I have never seen them anywhere but the walls however they are tiny and my carpets are brown!

Any ideas?

FadedRed Tue 12-Jan-16 12:06:37

Silverfish? Is it a bit damp?

NanTheWiser Tue 12-Jan-16 12:40:04

Sounds very like carpet beetle larvae. I see a few most years, so I guess they are munching on my carpets!

TheWrathofNaan Tue 12-Jan-16 13:45:59

Not silverfish cos they are fast aren't they?

Is carpet beetle larvae the same as clothes moths? They have black heads when they are in their carpet homes and this doesn't.

Thankyou for trying to help?

TheWrathofNaan Tue 12-Jan-16 13:46:24

Rogue question mark!

Arfarfanarf Tue 12-Jan-16 13:51:25

If you prod at them, do they roll up like woodlice? Apparently carpet beetle larvae do that.

Arfarfanarf Tue 12-Jan-16 13:52:49

Wiifitmama Tue 12-Jan-16 13:53:59

I find those very occasionally too on our walls. We have no carpets anywhere and it is not rarely I find these - they certainly don't seem to be multiplying. No idea what they are though!

Wiifitmama Tue 12-Jan-16 13:54:43

Mine look nothing like those pictures. Much harder smoother looking shell but very very small.

gleam Tue 12-Jan-16 13:58:15

Are they in your kitchen? May be some type of flour/dried food pest.

wowfudge Tue 12-Jan-16 14:04:56

Weevils of some sort?

TheWrathofNaan Tue 12-Jan-16 15:30:19

Not in kitchen. No weevils found and I have a larder.

It looks a bit like the Capet beetle in shape and with the colour and ridges but it doesn't look hairy. This might be because they are so small though.

Also the one I found this morning was on the smoke detector on the ceiling. As far from the carpet as you could get!

The mystery deepens!

Themodernuriahheep Tue 12-Jan-16 16:14:24

Dried flower mites? Used to get them in Dm's house. Don't know what their real name is.

NannyR Tue 12-Jan-16 16:20:15

I get these occasionally but have never got to the bottom of what they are. At first I thought they were fleas (similar shape and colour) but they don't jump or bite. They don't seem to be destroying anything in the house though, so I'm not too worried about them.

Wiifitmama Tue 12-Jan-16 16:24:37

We don't get them in the kitchen. On the few occasions I find them, they are on the bedroom walls. Agree that they are not hairy. and no damage from them either. A mystery!

freemonosborne Tue 23-Feb-16 07:02:14

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