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My 2016 weekly cleaning schedule appears to...

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mydutifullaunderette Tue 12-Jan-16 11:06:22

...actually work. Who knew! I have kept it pretty simple, but can already see that as the weeks go by it should get easier if I keep it up I'm an LP, working, so needed a strategy grin

I have gone for half an hour per day on different areas:
Mon - outside space (garden, or windows/doors)
Tues - kitchen (cooker, microwave, sink, fridge) plus online grocery shop
Weds - living room (dust and wipe, plus floors)
Thurs - bathroom (bath, sink, toilet, floor) plus receive groceries
Fri - school uniform washing (lightest day, as very busy work day)
Sat - bedrooms (change beds, dust, vacuum), clothes washing
Sun - car, and bed linen/towels washing

I have no tumble dryer so the laundry has to be spread out a bit. I gave the DC a small job each day too, one that doesn't matter much i.e. when I clean the bedrooms, they can dust/wipe their bigger toys, or when I clean the kitchen, they can clean their toy kitchen. They are already very good at putting stuff away, thank goodness. There's the usual dishwasher/quick tidy up/sweep of floors every day, but that really is just ten minutes morning and evening.

Anyone got any tips to make things any better? Also, this really doesn't feel too bad, so I must have missed something - what is it????

Zippidydoodah Tue 12-Jan-16 20:37:16

Sounds fantastic to me!!

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