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Cordless owners - how much vacuuming can you do in 15 min?

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malin100 Sun 03-Jan-16 14:21:49

If a cordless Dyson will last me 15-20 min (have changed my mind and now thinking of going for Dyson v6 Fluffy), how much do you get done in that time?

In case it helps:
I have one floor (4 rooms) of hard floors, stairs with both wood and a carpet stair runner, then one floor (2 rooms) just carpet (flat carpet, not a thick soft one). 2 adults, 1 ever moulting dog and hopefully future children. I also do lots of dusting with a vacuum rather than dusters (skirting, millions of cobwebs and spiders, shelves, tops of wardrobes, window sills, etc) with the attachments.
I can't do some vacuuming each day, would rather do all in one on Saturday morning but could split up slightly across the weekend if need be. I don't need to do skirting and shelves every time though.

Interested to see how far round a house people get as my mum has an older model with similar battery life but only ever does upstairs or downstairs at a time (out of choice, not battery) then charges it so she's not sure if she could do the whole house or not in one charge.

BasinHaircut Sun 03-Jan-16 16:48:41

I didn't rate my cordless dyson.

I have a cordless vax now.

Neither are a total replacement for a proper vacuum though, just for whizzing round before guests/sorting small messes.

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