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I've turned a white shirt pink. Help!!

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ArchiesMamaBird Wed 30-Dec-15 22:33:08

It was my DS's 2nd bday yesterday and he was bought loads of gorgeous clothes. And today I accidentally washed a Jasper Conran white shirt with a pair of red jeans blush and as you can imaging it's turned a shade of pale pink. Is there anything I can use to restore it back to white?

wonkylegs Wed 30-Dec-15 22:36:52

There are some Dylon colour run remover sheets available in most supermarkets, I think Dr Beckmann is the other make. Laundry aisle usually with stuff like vanish.
They have worked really well when I've had this problem in the past.

ArchiesMamaBird Wed 30-Dec-15 23:30:10

Wonkylegs thank you! I'm off to Tesco in the morning then.

Missingsleepandthecat Sat 02-Jan-16 16:45:51

I managed to tinge/turn some towels different colours by accident (I know, colour catchers dont work too well...)
But I did find a pretty good video on youtube to do with washing whites and kitchen cloths, it doesnt state that its for sorting out colour runs, but it did work really well on my towels smile
Washing whites and removing dye

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