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Storage Crisis! What to keep for the next one?

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LouTheMac Wed 30-Dec-15 15:20:34

My DS is 2.5yrs and our loft is heaving with all his baby paraphernalia, every stitch of clothing he's grown out of plus toys he's no longer using. Keeping it all for the next one who has so far failed to make an appearance hmm

About to go through DS1 room and wardrobe and have another clear out.
In reality what should I be keeping? I feel quite attached to all his clothes as all good quality & I have really worked hard to find him nice bright colourful boys clothes. But I'm at the point where I'll have to start putting stuff in my parents loft!

Also bought those vacuum bags from Wilko & they are rubbish! So any storage recomendations also welcome!

May09Bump Wed 30-Dec-15 15:45:59

If you need vacuum bags the John Lewis ones are brilliant. My second has took 5 yrs to appear - 5 yrs of boys clothes. My second is a girl - now ebaying like mad and it's driving me nuts.

LouTheMac Wed 30-Dec-15 15:50:55

Thanks May will upgrade to JL bags. Oh I can imagine being in exactly your shoes re ebay!!

SavoyCabbage Wed 30-Dec-15 16:06:38

I kept a lot of my stuff. I did have another girl but when we unpacked the clothes it was quite easy to get rid of half of it. Some looked grubby, other stuff was dated. As dd2 developed a personality of her own, she looked a bit daft in the pretty dresses that suited dd1. Dd2 liked a shark bearing it's teeth on her jumper.

CharleyDavidson Wed 30-Dec-15 16:11:50

With the smaller sized baby clothes, some of that was still useful, but some hadn't aged well in the loft and were thrown away. Others, while lovely, were just the wrong season. DD1 was born at the end Feb and was wearing summer clothes at 5 months. DD2 was born at the start of Oct and it wasn't warm enough for some of her clothes. Or the size she needed in the summer were too hot as they'd been DD1's winter clothes.

It was lovely to see dd2 wearing some of dd1's nicer outfits.

If I was doing it all over again I'd just keep the really nice outfits, the very practical all year round things and not much else.

LouTheMac Wed 30-Dec-15 17:11:17

Thanks Charley think this is some of the sense I needed to hear.

Savoy so funny how they can be so different!!

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