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Please can someone help me choose good single mattresses?

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aprilshowerssoon Tue 29-Dec-15 09:09:33

Can anyone please recommend single mattresses as I am totally confused. I bought cheapish mattresses (I think around £250 each) about 5 years ago or so when children got new beds and were told they would be fine until adults. Children are now saying they are uncomfortable and to be fair I can feel the springs in them with my hand so they probably need replacing. This is a problem when you don't know what you are talking about and you just get "sold" something by salesman.

Can someone please suggest a make or even model of mattresses for replacing them which will last up the usual 7-8 years and are comfortable?

I don't think I want a memory foam for children/teenagers as not sure these are generally felt to be a great idea?

Have looked at John Lewis but some of the single mattresses are astronomically expensive (£1500?!!+)- what exactly do I need? here is a link to the page but happy to buy from anywhere (although possibly not the place I bought fron last time!smile)…/vie…/size=single/_/N-caoZ1z13zgs

Thanks very much.

kermit79 Wed 30-Dec-15 17:17:54

The comfiest mattress we have ever bought is my DS's and is the IKEA Hovak. I love it. I will be replacing our much more expensive mattress with the double bed equivalent from Ikea when the time comes.

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