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Dishwasher not working - Help!

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QforCucumber Thu 17-Dec-15 14:43:40

Dishwasher gets 10 minutes into a cycle then stops, drains and some weird symbol comes up on the digital screen.
Google tells me this is the anti-flood function kicking in, which means we have to lift and tilt the dishwasher, drain the water out onto a towel and this will reset it.

My wonder is does anyone have any experience with this and the possible causes, costs of repairs etc?

Wondering if it will be cheaper to just buy a new one than call out someone for it.

Its a Zanussi but I can't remember the exact model type, it's only 2 years old but typically only comes with a 12 month warantee.

TheWordOfBagheera Thu 17-Dec-15 15:26:47

Something similar happened with mine. A connection was loose at the back and water very gradually flooded the bottom without us knowing. When it was run several times over two days the leak caused enough water pooling to trigger the anti-flood function you describe.

It was just a matter of either some tightening or replacing of a bit of pipe/washer (I can't quite remember which I'm afraid!). I do remeber that it was a very easy and cheap diy fix (didn't call anyone out though - that was the next port of call but wasn't needed), and has been good as new ever since, so certainly not an automatic dish-washer death sentence.

If you know anyone who can give you a hand to pull it out and have a look for a loose connection/worn pipe etc I'd recommend doing that first.

bookbook Thu 17-Dec-15 15:33:04

another thought - when this happened to me, it was after the machine had been pulled out and put back, the otlet pipe had got a kink in it and wouldn't drain properly, and there was loads of crud in it as well, also reducing the outlet flow

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