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Please can you help me? I want to cry/vomit!

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ArgyMargy Thu 17-Dec-15 09:28:13

Sorry for the dramatic title. I turned on my cylinder Dyson on Sunday and noticed a horrendous faeces-like smell. On inspecting the contents of the cylinder there was dark grey/black stuff and a bit of liquid. I spent half an hour cleaning it out with disinfectant as best I could given the design of the cylinder. I came to the conclusion that something must have died in there (I can only recall hoovering up a spider). Anyway it still smells totally vile and I would like advice on how to get rid of the smell - I tried to find some Shake & Vac yesterday but Sainsburys don't stock it (who knew?)! I am seriously contemplating getting a replacement and I haven't budgeted for a Dyson as my Christmas present!!

Tuiles Thu 17-Dec-15 09:30:07

Bicarbonate of soda is good for absorbing smells. Put a generous amount in and leave for a long while.

whatdoIget Thu 17-Dec-15 09:31:48

Tesco have shake and vac, and so do quality save a s probably b & m

VegetablEsoup Thu 17-Dec-15 09:33:05

a pile of biological washing powder.

ArgyMargy Thu 17-Dec-15 09:38:42

Thanks - Tuiles what is b & m?

whatdoIget Thu 17-Dec-15 09:41:21

You obviously don't have one near you then! It's a discount shop. B & M bargains

ArgyMargy Thu 17-Dec-15 09:46:08

Oh! Thanks very much - I'm now wondering whether Shake & Vac's main ingredient might be bicarb... Anyway I'll do the bicarb first and hunt down the Shake & Vac on my next shopping trip. Thanks for saving my sanity and hopefully my Christmas!!

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Thu 17-Dec-15 09:46:52

Soak the canister in a solution of bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and change any filters.

cozietoesie Thu 17-Dec-15 09:51:12

Bricks *& M*ortar, OP.


cozietoesie Thu 17-Dec-15 09:53:00

Usually anyway. Maybe not in this case. wink

ArgyMargy Thu 17-Dec-15 09:53:41

Ah! You learn something every day fgrin. Yes, good call about the filter too. Thanks again.

cozietoesie Thu 17-Dec-15 09:55:40

PS - who else might have used the thing? That doesn't sound like any household decomposition I've ever come across.

ArgyMargy Thu 17-Dec-15 10:35:11

Well, cozie that was my first thought, however it's currently only me and 19 yr old DS here - and he wouldn't know how to turn it on!! It's really had me stumped. I thought of the spider as I don't normally hoover them up but to be honest I couldn't really see how a spider could cause such mayhem. I've been hoovering for about 40 years and never had anything like it. I suspect it will remain a mystery.

cozietoesie Thu 17-Dec-15 10:55:14

The trouble is that - just maybe ( and that's a very big just) - a mouse could have got inside and died but mouse decomposition doesn't smell anything like that. It's more a smell of - how to describe it - bad sardines/gas/something like that. (I've had mousers living with me and the dratted things don't always get eaten.)

Really, the only thing that smells like faeces is - well - faeces. If I had to guess, it would be that 'someone', in a moment of embarrassment, has used the Dyson to shift a recalcitrant solid object from the loo when you weren't around. (Do you have any awkward toilets in the house?) Or, if you had animals, I might be thinking clearing up an accident on a carpet or rug. People are daft at times.

If you can conceivably afford it, I'd get a new one. You're never going to feel good about the smelly one again, are you? (Even if you can get the odour out properly which is debatable.)

Doublebubblebubble Thu 17-Dec-15 10:59:03

I know i/you probably shouldn't but if I run out of shake and vac I do use a wee bit of laundry detergent (powder).

I agree though if you can afford a new one its probably prudent to x

ArgyMargy Thu 17-Dec-15 11:02:58

Yes, cozie, I agree - which is why I accosted DS in the first instance! His girlfriend does stay over and it could potentially have been her I suppose. But she's the kind who would immediately clean everything up and I can't see her using the hoover on a poo accident (basically she is very sensible). Well, I might ask her - if only to solve the mystery. The cylinder is currently soaking in a bucket of hot water, bicarb and vinegar. If that doesn't work I will give up and hope the January sales are good!

Maryz Thu 17-Dec-15 11:04:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maryz Thu 17-Dec-15 11:05:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cozietoesie Thu 17-Dec-15 11:12:29

Ach - he's 19 and they're not always unnervingly truthful at that age, especially if there's an element of embarrassment. I've seen people come up with sone truly weird and wonderful 'solutions' to problems in my time.

I'd be thinking about the sales, I reckon. You might well have been due a new one in any case? They're not the longest lived of implements these days.

ArgyMargy Thu 17-Dec-15 11:16:54

Lol Maryz!! No, I know puke too well and anyway DS always uses the downstairs loo for that grin. But actually DS has no reason to lie, as he knows I wouldn't get mad anyway. These things happen.

Cozie - not really due a new one but of course I would love one! Maybe it's for the best...

ArgyMargy Thu 17-Dec-15 11:20:42

Maryz - I went to find the "is this shit" thread (Mumsnet is soooo distracting) but couldn't. fsad

ArgyMargy Thu 17-Dec-15 11:36:52

Oh, I found that thread - horrible. Now I regret looking. I will return to my housework. Thanks everyone.

StoptheRavelry Thu 17-Dec-15 11:42:28

It was probably just an apple core or something.

It can't smell as bad as the microwave meatballs I cooked last night. They left the building via the balcony.

Seriously maybe it's a meatball in your hoover, too smile

cozietoesie Thu 17-Dec-15 11:45:01


You must have some household! Just how do you go about getting a meatball inside the hoover? grin

Maryz Thu 17-Dec-15 11:45:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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