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conservatory heaters

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Needaglassofwinedotcom Sat 12-Dec-15 15:39:21

Any recommendations to how I can heat the conservatory in the winter (without installing radiators or under floor heating)

Needaglassofwinedotcom Sat 12-Dec-15 21:07:18


shutupandshop Sat 12-Dec-15 21:12:46


Blueprintorange Sat 12-Dec-15 21:13:33

We use an oil filled radiator with a thermostat, and keep the blinds closed during the day.

Madelinehatter Sat 12-Dec-15 21:13:38

Oil filled radiator? One of those electric wood burner looking stoves?

QueenMolotov Sat 12-Dec-15 21:14:38

Convector heater.

We have one by DeLonghi which I would recommend smile

Piratespoo Sat 12-Dec-15 21:15:26

We just use a regular electric radiator with a thermostat that cost about £20 from argos. We switch it on in the morning and just leave the thermostat to regulate it.

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