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They're having a laugh - outrage at the laundry pile :-)

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lborgia Fri 11-Dec-15 23:08:43

Talking of laundry (well I was anyway), have a look at this care tag.
Back story: I've been living in the same Costco two-4-$10 singlets for over four years for any exercise and have to wear two together because one alone is see-through. Also I've dropped a little weight and toned up in the last 3 months and look very cleavagey in them because the cotton had sagged and the front keeps creeping down. .. which i don't care about usually except there was a man in my class of 2 people on Wednesday in pilates. Spent my whole time hitching up the front feeling self conscious.

Anyway, that is just the justification for me hurling into Lorna Jane (Aussie inspirational fitness clothes chain thingy) yesterday for a new singlet. I never go in, I'm too big for a large, i find the slogans fatuous and it's really expensive. So, bought a medium singlet - yay, good for me.

BUT this morning i look at the care label. ..wtaf????? And THIS for $30/£15. New season's colours an extra $6... And they can't even be bothered with the last stage of dye fixing at the factory. I'm completely in 1 st world problems zone today 😆 I'm inclined to hand it back sweaty as"unfit for purpose". Do you like the way they've sandwiched the bad news between logo and love heart. .that old good news bad news good news strategy.

For someone who doesn't even like anything that requires ironing/dry cleaning/hand washing, this blows my mind.

lborgia Fri 11-Dec-15 23:11:08


InsertUsernameHere Sat 12-Dec-15 08:12:55

smile I have never seen the "fix the dye yourself instruction" that is quite something. Would agree with "unfit for purpose".

BrianButterfield Sat 12-Dec-15 08:15:58

Bloody hell, I'm surprised they didn't just give you the fabric, thread and dye and get you to make it yourself. Seriously, I've got children who don't require that much coddling.

fuzzywuzzy Sat 12-Dec-15 08:19:45

If you don't wash it before first use, will you end up with dye coming off on you where you sweat?

Happened to my sister once!

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