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Quick Shine Floor finish , have you used it?

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ggirl Mon 30-Nov-15 13:20:24

Bought it yesterday in costco..have read good and bad reviews online

Need mumsnet to sanction please grin

ancientoak Wed 02-Dec-15 09:10:25

Yes - have used this happily for over 2 years (till this week) . Two coats gives the best shine ever which you can clean & top-up, but there are some drawbacks.
Application : you must do it evenly or you will end up with a patchy high shine / non shine floor. My original Vileda mop left "ridge" marks so in the end it was a hands & knees job. It ruins any mops you use unless they're cleaned to within an inch of their lives.

Build up : After 2 years use & cleaning my floor was getting dull and covered in scuff marks from rubber soles etc so I bought some Quick Shine Deep Clean remover this week. OMG what a carry-on. Another hands & knees job & this time with a scrubbing brush. Am now left with a dull floor with sticky patches all over where the original product hasn't totally dissolved. Looks like it's going to be a wire wool job. So far taken me 3 days work for a large hall floor & nowhere near finished.

I think on balance I'd say Don't Use It unless you are happy to put in the work required down the line & you have VERY HEALTHY KNEES.

ggirl Thu 03-Dec-15 14:43:16

god thank god I checked this thread ..was just about to steam clean the floors and apply..
We have engineered wood so don't fancy having to scrub it with wire wool at any time soon shock

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