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Should I store bed linen in bathroom?

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cosmobrown Sun 22-Nov-15 10:40:28

We are having an en suite made, and I have a huge, deep shelving unit in there. It is not practical to add doors to them due to the location so they will be open shelves. I was thinking it would be good to store all the bed linen there but wonder if it would end up going mouldy with the steam from the shower?? What would you store in there??

wowfudge Sun 22-Nov-15 10:52:48

If I understand correctly, you are at the planning stage rather than having had the shelves built? If you were to turn the shelves around ninety degrees, could you then put doors on and access them from the side instead? Could you just make them shallower and put doors on? Or why not get a cupboard that fits in the space and has doors?

I think stuff would only get mouldy if you had a really bad condensation problem and no ventilation, but it will look better not on show. Our old house had a large cupboard with louvred doors in the bathroom and I stored towels in there with no issues.

timelytess Sun 22-Nov-15 10:59:12

Don't store bed-linen in the bathroom. Use open-slat shelving and have a small, safe heater (my mother used a 15 watt light bulb but her unit had a door) in the cupboard to keep warm air flowing.

Towels and nightclothes should be fine as there would be a quick turnover, nothing left there for long.

While you're having work done, have a proper, heated airing cupboard built elsewhere. That would be very useful. Not walk-in, though, as some poor woman got trapped in hers and wasn't found until she was kind of mummified.

cosmobrown Sun 22-Nov-15 11:27:27

Thanks. The building but has been completed - ie, door knocked through and shelves built. The shelves hide a really weird fixed bit of our house, so was the best use of a weird space. We have a combi boiler so alas no airing cupboard. 😞 I was thinking of having either nice baskets or some pretty curtain type fabric to hide the stuff.
Maybe I could store spare duvets in a vavuum packed bag.

wowfudge Sun 22-Nov-15 14:34:03

How about sliding doors or a single sliding door? Use half the cupboard for storing towels, etc and have the door closed over it except when you need to access it and then use the open shelves for other bathroom storage. Just an idea. PP has reminded me that the shelves in the bathroom cupboard we used to have were slated for air circulation.

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