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Marie Kondo book just arrived!

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TillITookAnArrowToTheKnee Fri 20-Nov-15 13:34:45

I bit the bullet earlier this week and ordered it on eBay. I am making a cuppa then sitting down to read.

Kondo-ers: fill me in on your experiences/opinions.

BuffytheScaryFeministBOO Fri 20-Nov-15 14:46:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WhataRacquet Fri 20-Nov-15 14:54:35

Sorry to say it didn't work for me. Got rid of a fair bit of stuff but I am still as messy as ever and don't think I can be cured!

MadFestiveGnome Mon 23-Nov-15 04:55:42

Totally worked for me. She comes across as endearing but possibly a bit nuts in the book. But she has good advice and I've cleared out a whole room, kondoed all my clothes and all my books, as well as general piles of bits and pieces we had lying around. House looks much better!

Greengagesandham Mon 23-Nov-15 10:57:55

I did the book at the end of last year, I even got rid of furniture. Car loads went off to the charity shop, it's brilliant. I thought I was good at de-cluttering but apparently not. Paperwork was hard, lot's of angst and sad memories for me among old letters and cards (now all gone), you also need to keep a bit more paperwork than she suggests imo.

Others have asked why on earth you'd need a book to help you get rid of stuff but I obviously did.

I have regretted stuff that I have thrown away in the past, but with the MK system I can honestly say that I'd don't regret anything gong.

The trick is to keep on doing it, I have a cupboard that I need to do this week as it's become over run. Now I only ever buy clothes now that spark joy rather than things that 'will do'.

HarveySpectersBalls Mon 23-Nov-15 11:26:22

ok am going to click now and buy the kindle edition.
I am so sick of being surrounded by shit clutter

wowfudge Wed 25-Nov-15 18:06:57

I bought the book a few months ago, haven't opened it and don't know where I've put it! I have done quite a bit of decluttering without it though.

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 25-Nov-15 18:12:25

wow that would so be me grin

I'm crap at finishing jobs

wowfudge Wed 25-Nov-15 18:22:00

The thing is that I'm not! - I ordered it when I had plenty of time on my hands thinking it would be useful as we're planning on moving house then got really busy. I do think it's ironic that I can't find the damn thing grin

Lady84 Thu 26-Nov-15 02:22:00

Just devoured this book in a day - can't wait to get started! So much of the advice seemed so sensible, can't understand why I haven't got rid of things before...

ilovetosleep Mon 07-Dec-15 13:31:07

Will this book help get me motivated or is it more of an instruction manual? I really really want to sort out my house, but I just don't feel like I have the time or energy. It feels like such an immense task just to start. Should I bother with the book?

KondoAttitude Mon 07-Dec-15 20:02:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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