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Washing machine recommendation please

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Lilipot15 Wed 18-Nov-15 12:32:03

Just what is says above really! Budget not a big issue as I want to get a decent machine that will last a while and cope with the 1-2 loads per day and hard water in our area.
Main need is it to not take forever on a normal wash - present one seems to take around 3 hours! And not be too noisy.

Abraid2 Wed 18-Nov-15 12:34:46

I have bought a Bosch WVH28422GB washer dryer two weeks ago. Very impressed, quiet, quick but also with lots of Eco programmes. Huge capacity, too.

rabbit123 Wed 18-Nov-15 16:13:42

Miele are, hands down, the most reliable machines you can buy these days. They often have 10 year guarantee offers on, which includes parts & labour.

If the company are willing to the guarantee the washer for 10 years at their own expense, it's definitely a good sign. Ours is 7 years old now and it's never off. But it's touch wood had no problems and the seal hasn't gone all manky and mouldy like some cheaper brands do

rabbit123 Wed 18-Nov-15 16:17:41

Forgot to mention, the Miele has a weight sensor in it so it knows how big the washing load is. A typical darks wash on ours flashes up at 2 hrs 8 mins, but after the first 5 minutes of the cycle, it cuts the time down to about 1 hr 20.

If you cram it full of heavy towels or bedding, it will wash for longer and take in more water.

It also has an express 40 wash which lasts half an hour, but it only does half loads.

Lilipot15 Wed 18-Nov-15 20:49:42

Thanks. Will look at both of those. It's the length of cycles that has driven me nuts on my current one.

Missingsleepandthecat Fri 20-Nov-15 18:50:29

We've got a Miele, had it about 3 years and we love it, its fab, but the only negative I have is that the detergent drawer has gone kind of rough (like its scaled up but its not hmm ) but its not caused any problems tbh
Its excellent!!
It got some of DGD2's mucky clothes really clean, our previous Hotpoint machine would've struggled with those... smile

MadFestiveGnome Mon 23-Nov-15 04:53:26

Just bought a Bosch Maxx 7kg and it's great. 3 features we like (since our old one was ANCIENT): child proof lock, speedy 15/30min washes, ability to super speed a wash, delay start. Plus it's really quiet! Love it. Bosch are pretty reliable too.

H0llyD0llyDayDream Mon 30-Nov-15 21:16:45

I have a samsung ecobubble, 11kg. Had it two years and never had an issue.
A full 11kg load takes about 2 hours. There is also a daily wash program which take about a 6kg load and takes 52 minutes. I usually wash my DDs clothes on this cycle (10 months old and very mucky) and it cleans really well.
There are quite a few shorter wash cycles if you have smaller loads (about 6kg)

RubberDicky Mon 30-Nov-15 21:19:44

Bosch or Miele all the way! I'd just search for either of those two brands and choose the best deal for the highest wash load capacity (at least 8kg) that you can afford. I don't think precisely which bells and whistles it has matter that much as long as it's reliable (as those brands tend to be) and has a decent capacity

LexLoofah Thu 03-Dec-15 19:33:33

second the Samsung EcoBubble. the eco and cotton settings do take about 3 hours but that is how the eco functions work by letting things soak for ages, I only use those settings for towels and bedding. for most other things even school uniforms I use the daily wash which is v quick and 1200-1400 spin so stuff comes out well spun and well on it's way to being dry. It was important to us to have a wool setting and an outdoor garment care setting and this was the machine that delivered on all fronts but the deciding factor was the 10 year warranty. It is nice and quiet, looks good and plays a happy little tune when it is done. You really can't go wrong with any mentioned on here already if it has the combination of features you want at the right price, sites like Currys and AO allow you to compare 3 machines side by side which I found helped, don't MN have an offer with AO at the moment? So many promotions around at the moment I may have the wrong.

Bohemond Thu 03-Dec-15 19:37:39

Another vote for Samsung Eco bubble. We have the 7kg one. The daily wash programme takes 1 hr 3 mins and you can do at 30/40/60 etc. It also has a timer so you know when it will finish. One load of small items fills the Lakeland 3 tier heated dryer.

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