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Using Zoflora to make reed diffusers....

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Hereslookingatchoo Mon 16-Nov-15 16:02:50

I've had a go at making my own reed diffusers in the past using rattan sticks, a carrier oil (I used almond but I think even baby oil works) and essential oils.

I don't find the scent lasts or is even half-decent to begin with.

The other day I bought the Zoflora 'winter edition' and thought I'd chuck some in my reed diffuser with some almond oil and it smells really good and strong! I've only put it in the downstairs loo so far which is a small space, but it's really lasted.

To buy the diffuser bottle in the first place I bought dirt cheap ones from eBay and threw away the contents but kept the bottle.

It's probably no less chemically than the ones from the supermarket but if you like them, this is a cheap alternative I thought I'd share!

VagueIdeas Mon 16-Nov-15 16:04:36

I'm not sure Zoflora is really appropriate for a reed diffuser, yummy as it smells. I mean, it's a disinfectant, and flammable. I suppose it's ok if it's placed somewhere where it couldn't be knocked over?

Hereslookingatchoo Mon 16-Nov-15 17:17:03

Good point! Mine is up on a high shelf that no one touches as such but I hadn't thought about the flammable aspect!

dairyfarmerswife Tue 17-Nov-15 07:47:16

I would imagine the oil in reed diffusers is flammable anyway, so no difference there. Good tip! I like Sainsburys reed diffusers too.

gaggiagirl Thu 19-Nov-15 00:31:28

I just love Zoflora! I'll definitely give that a go.

Hereslookingatchoo Fri 20-Nov-15 10:55:05

Apparently Zoflora themselves recommend it....

Mine still smells good a week or two later after flipping the rattan sticks.

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