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Limited sorting-out opportunity - ideas where to start please!

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shirkingworking Thu 12-Nov-15 15:35:41

Right, I have some help looking after the baby (DC3) tomorrow (I don't work on Fridays) while DC1 and DC2 are at school. The house has got into such a state of piles, boxes and bags of "stuff" that I don't know where to start... I have a two hour morning slot, followed by a one hour afternoon slot. I know, not much!

Any votes for which areas to tackle!?

Problem areas are:

1. Playroom (a) too much stuff, (b) disorganised bookshelves, (c) lego in random Tupperware containers, (d) dressing up clothes bulging out of the ottoman thing (e) children's bikes, scooters, pushchair and roller skates in it as the shed is at the end of our garden and too far away - you have to go across the v muddy lawn to get to it.

It opens up from the kitchen so we can see it all every evening when we eat...

2. My room/clothes (a) too much stuff, (b) can never find full outfits/anything to wear (although sure I have a lot of nice clothes and, yes, I've had my colours "done"). I seem to be regularly culling them but clearly not seriously enough.

3. Landings - this is really bad. We have boxes of baby clothes that are too small and moses basket etc. (as we might have another... questionable sanity, I know), ditto toys, camping equipment (husband's "thing"), motorbike helmets. There is attic storage space but I don't want to just stuff it all in.

4. My cosmetics etc - I can never organise these properly in our v small grown-ups bathroom. There is a fair bit of cupboard space under the basin and a deep windowsill (covered in bottles) and sponge bags on the side of the bath. Plus there are huge plastic boxes in the spare room cupboard with all my "spares". 2 for 1 offers in Boots etc. although I have no idea what's in there really and suspect it's all gone off. Half open stuff definitely needs to go.

5. Not enough storage in children's bedrooms. Well, there are boxes stuffed with soft toys and sort of attic cupboards with loads of toys/tat in them.

It's hard to throw things out as the children are 7,6 and nearly 1 so the baby will probably end up playing with all the stuff the older two have outgrown. And she can wear a lot of her older sister's clothes that are too small. However, she will get presents etc. so I probably should throw out anything not in good condition. (Although babies wreck a lot of things, don't they, so not sure what would qualify as "good condition".)

Any ideas how to get some control? I work 4 days a week and have the baby at home (obviously!) on the other day - weekends are hectic normally and evenings don't really start until 8 pm, when we generally start cooking our evening meal...

Thanks in advance - especially if you got through all that...!!

milaforni Thu 12-Nov-15 19:45:01

i cleaned out our personal clothes closet and it made me feel in control and fabulous. I'm on to our dresser drawers now.
It's nice to do something for yourself every once in a while. And as you have small children, and therefore not much time for yourself, it would be so much less frustrating if you could actually find what you need in a hurry and get on with it.

shirkingworking Thu 12-Nov-15 21:14:05

Thanks Milaforni! I think you're right.... Getting ready quicker in the mornings would actually help a lot! And husband can help with the landing stuff and boxes!

annandale Thu 12-Nov-15 21:42:48

I agree, I'd prioritise your bedroom and the landing. The surge in niceness in your life will give you the energy to tackle other bits.

2 hours in the morning:
Serious, serious cull of your stuff, sorting and hanging in outfits, pairing socks/throwing out holey tights (maybe that's just me)
Take up needle/thread and/or buttons so you can mend anything needed

Black sack upstairs to dump all half open toiletry 'spares' and cosmetics (i.e. only the stuff you can definitely tell is surplus without having to pick it up)

1 hour in the afternoon: charity shop run

I wouldn't aim to do much more than that.

Then plan ahead for another slot to do the bathroom - that would probably only take an hour once you got going.

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